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INDIAN INVADERS OF GOA ARE LIARS & CHEATS by A. Veronica Fernandes, Kuwait

INDIAN INVADERS OF GOA ARE LIARS & CHEATS by A. Veronica Fernandes, Kuwait
A week before the invasion of Goa by the mighty Bharati Millitary under the command of General Candeth, there was hectic activities around the globe to stop the cheat Nehru from invading Goa. Pushed by Portugal and backed by the USA almost the entire Western Europe supported Portugal. At one particular time unable to bear the world pressure minus Soviet Russia, Nehru wanted to delay the military action in Goa mainly to save the good image of India which professed the principle of Non-violence.
But Malyali crook Defence Minister of India traitor Krishna Menon when told by Nehru to stop marching over Goa till further notice, replied to Nehru saying “Our troop is already on Goan soil when in fact it was not, it was still on Bharati soil. At that time Indian troop was at the border, Indian side. Nehru was at loss but Krishna Menon as a cunning Malyali immediately ordered the troop to start entering Goa and thus on 16th December Indian troops started entering Goa. THIS WAS THE FIRST LIE OF INDIA WHILE INVADING GOA. In fact Goa’s invasion started with Bharati lies only.
When China attacked India in 1962, world leaders questioned China but Chinese premier Cheu-en-Lai refuted them saying 'India does not believe in settling bilateral issues peacefully and precisely because of this India invaded Goa by using Non-Violence method. Hence, we followed this same method against India'.
At that time my brother working for Goa Police immediately came home from Collem where he was posted and alighted from the Caminhao of Keka Pai coming from Betim at 7.00 pm near Candolim Church and told our local Pe. Cur, Pe. Marcos Menezes that Indian Millitary has entered into Goa. Next day 17th everywhere was chaos, when we went to our Portuguese school as usual, we found our school door closed.
On 18th Morning at dawn my father was going to our field 50 metres away from our house touching the main road to check the flow of water. He was wearing an ordinary Banyan and Short. On the main road coming from Betim was a convoy of Millitray Tanks and Jeeps on way to Aguada. In the front Tank the Millitary Commander saw my father in our field and stoped his Tank, behind him the entire convoy also stopped. Seeing this we looking from our home were totally confused knowing not why they stopped their convoy.
Then the Indian Commander called my father and started asking him so many questions in Hindi such as how far Aguada from your place, how many military personnel are there at Aguada, Is there any Troop stationed at Shapora-Anjuna etc. This Millitary Commander was an idiot asking such questions to a layman my father. Then that Indian Millitary Commander asked my father “why you are wearing an ordinary Banyan?’
For this my father replied saying “I am a poor man”. For this, the Millitary Commander replied “Yes, we know Portuguez has purposely kept you poor. Now and henceforth under Bharati rule you all poor Goans will not remain poor any longer but you all become rich. We are come to Goa to drive away cunning Portugues from Goan soil and make Goa a beautiful, peaceful and rich place for Goans”.THIS WAS ANOTHER LIE MADE BY THE CHEAT INVADER COMMANDER OF INDIAN MILLITARY.
My father while going to our Paddy Field early in the morning was singing Hosannas in praise Portugal and clean Portuguese administration and concluding his Hosannas with Viva Portugal – Viva Salazar. However, while returning home after talking to Indian Military Commander he was a totally changed man and came home all smiling saying loudly “Jai Hind – Bharat Zindabad – Nehru Zindabad and Salazar Murdabad”. These slogans were new to us all at home. Then he removed his Banyan and threw it out saying I dont need it any more because henceforth I will have the privilege of wearing Three Piece Suit of Raymond Cloth even when going to our field because he was deeply impressed by the lies of the Indian Millitary Commander believing his lies as Gospel Truth.
See how crook Indians were at the time of invading Goa. In fact the invasion of Goa started with telling lies and later on making Indian lies as way of life in Goa. India captured Goa thru lies and they will finish Goa from the possession of Goans thru lies only because Indians are first class liars since Indian system is based on lies only.
Unfortunately and regretfully within a month of invasion of Kuwait my father became totally disillusioned man seeing disgrace brought on Goans by the Indian invaders. The promised wealthy life for the poor Goans remained as a dream only and meantime my father regretted for throwing out his Banyan which was his valuable asset and not a three piece suit as he expected by believing the liar Indian Military Commander. These Indian Millitary Commanders and Soldiers and leaders sucked my beloved Goa.
In one of his songs immediately after the Invasion of Goa by Bharat, tiatrist M. Boyer said referring to the lies of Indian leaders:
Goenkar ami sust nidlolet, nidloleank amkam uttoilet Ani Patang korun voir soddtoch modench tuttoilet ani fottoilet.
Another great tiatrist Kid Boxer in his song also immediately following the invasion of Goa, mocking at lies of Indian leaders said:
Atam bienakant Goenkarani kiteak Goeam itlem borem zatolem ki Rendrancheam Zamnneani ani Dukranchea Guddani passun lighti eteleot.
While concluding, I once again say that we were cheated by India by forcibly annexing Goa.

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