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As a child of the brain washed generation I was taught in schoolbooks that some so called Great Freedom Fighters fought for the so called Liberation of Goa. I remember one Incident way back in 1993 as a kid.
The Gomantak Times published an article saying “Freedom fighter struggles for life”. It carried an article of a Beggar who was dying on the road but he claimed to be a Goan Freedom Fighter. When asked what did he do for Goa’s freedom, He says that he with his gang Bombed a Police station (Bombed, Even Mumbai was Bombed and this is taken as a Crime). And now he claims that the Government should give him a Pension.
Mathematically speaking considering that 50 years passed since Goa was Invaded (As India’s Supreme court says It), most freedom fighters should be very old ( at least 60+) or should have passed away. But contrary to that it seems that the Number of freedom Fighters Increases with the years! How come? Are there any special individuals whose age decreases with years, like the King who wanted to grow younger?
This point out one of the biggest frauds, the “Menace of Fake Freedom Fighters”. I’m pretty sure that a Point will come when a Migrant born after 19 December 1961 will claim to be a Freedom Fighter.
The fake freedom fighter Menace dates back to the tenure of the first chief minister of Goa Dayanand Badodkar. During that time, it was V N Lawande who controlled the freedom fighters lobby which displeased Bandodkar. And in order to gain control of the Freedom Fighters Association, he put in a thousand odd fake names of his ‘chamchas’ as freedom fighters. And that is how today we have freedom fighters in Goa who had not even seen the Goan borders during that time.
The guidelines for recognition of Freedom fighters and the extension of Central pension to them are very precise. The guidelines specify that only the person who has been sentenced to imprisonment for not less than six months, or sentenced to death, or died after release from detention from injuries sustained in detention, or became permanently incapacitated due to such participation,” could apply for the status of freedom fighter.
Shockingly the erstwhile BJP led NDA government sought to confer the hallowed privilege on 4,000 people from neighbouring Maharashtra comprising those who had merely participated in the rallies held in Pune and other parts of Maharashtra or courted arrest for a day. Veteran freedom fighters are appalled that such acts of tokenism which are purely symbolic and marginal should be sought to be equated with those who had made great sacrifices. This sought to belittle the struggle of genuine freedom fighters.
In the video provided by Parrikar’s Government it says that 1.71 lakh people fought as Goan Freedom Fighters. Among those felicitated by the parrikar regime were 42 freedom fighters from Karnataka, 36 from Madhya Pradesh, 20 from Maharashtra,10 from Jammu and Kashmir, 9 from Rajasthan, 7 from Gujarat and five each from Tamil Nadu and Daman, apart from others. And Most of them were RSS members thus creating a Disillusion that the RSS was involved in Goa’s Freedom struggle.
But this story takes an Interesting Twist. The inclusion of more fake freedom fighters has already angered the original list of fake freedom fighters which include Prabhakar Sinari, Vasant Molio, Flavian Dias and Nagesh Karmali. Ha Ha. Tit for Tat. These are the people responsible for the Ill’s of Goa today. Today when Goans are struggling to cope up with the Migrant Influx.
The Goan Identity is eroded, Crime rate is Increasing and The only issues these fake freedom Fighters think about is, defaming the Portuguese, renaming Portuguese named streets to Indian names and what Not.Many of them were actually criminals who were facing Justice in Portuguese Jails and after being released or escaping spread lies about the Portuguese to others to gain support and Sympathy.
And above all get a Pension at the Cost of the Poor Goan tax payer. Worst of all is that unlike freedom fighters who faught the British these Goan ones Get pension 3 or sometimes 4 times a year i.e on 26th January, 18th June, 15th August and 19th   December!!!!. Riducilous isn’t it. If you have a friends circle and someone calls you for his Birthday Party. Will you give a present Just to the birthday boy or to all from your friends circle at the Party? It is high time Goans arise and stop this menace. This is a worse form of corruption and no doubt why till none of these Freedom Fighters have spoken against corruption.
The true Goan freedom fighters wanted a Goa for Goans and not for other Invaders. No doubt many of them died cursing the Invasion. Many are reported to have even attempted suicide. Take the case of the Late Dr Jose Francisco Martins who was so frustrated and embittered with the state government machinery for the treatment meted out to him at the Porvorim police station that he is reported to have stated "I regret the day I took up the fight against the Portuguese. I wish I had the sense then to do the opposite". Worst of all, many of those so called freedom fighters were shouting “Jai Bharat” on Invasion day but 6 months later ran away to settle in Portugal seeing the state of affairs. Strange From “Jai Bharat” to “Viva Portugal”. These were the traitors of the Goan Identity.

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