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Ever wondered why no one In India speaks of the 1962 Indo China war. Reason is that in this war India tried to Provoke China after Playing a Friend Game by Nehru called "Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai". The same Leadership of India which Invaded Goa months earlier was invilved in China. Smart, The same who take pride in speaking about wars in Pakistan never speak about war's with China. The Following is found abt the Sino India war on Wikipedia(
During June–July 1962, Indian military planners began advocating "probing actions" against the Chinese, and accordingly, moved mountain troops forward to cut off Chinese supply lines. According to Patterson, the Indian motives were threefold:
  1. Test Chinese resolve and intentions regarding India.
  2. Test whether India would enjoy Soviet backing in the event of a Sino-Indian war.
  3. Create sympathy for India within the U.S., with whom relations had deteriorated after the Indian annexation of Goa.
By early 1962, the Chinese leadership began to fear that India's intentions were to launch a massive attack against Chinese troops, and that the Indian leadership wanted a war.In 1961, the Indian army had been sent into Goa, a small region without any other international borders apart from the Indian one, after Portugal refused to surrender the exclave colony to the Indian Union. Although this action met little to no international protest or opposition, China saw it as an example of India's expansionist nature, especially in light of heated rhetoric from Indian politicians.
India's Home Minister declared, "If the Chinese will not vacate the areas occupied by it, India will have to repeat what she did in Goa. India will certainly drive out the Chinese forces", while another member of the Indian Congress Party pronounced, "India will take steps to end [Chinese] aggression on Indian soil just as she ended Portuguese aggression in Goa".By mid-1962, it was apparent to the Chinese leadership that negotiations had failed to make any progress, and the Forward Policy was increasingly perceived as a grave threat as Delhi increasingly sent probes deeper into border areas and cut off Chinese supply lines] Foreign Minister Marshal Chen Yi commented at one high-level meeting, "Nehru's forward policy is a knife. He wants to put it in our heart. We cannot close our eyes and await death."The Chinese leadership believed that their restraint on the issue was being perceived by India as weakness, leading to continued provocations, and that a major counterblow was needed to stop perceived Indian aggression.
It is said that Nehru never recovered from this defeat and was one of the cause of his Death. Krishna Menon, The Main Man behind the Goa attack, resigned as Home Minister in Disgrace after the war with China. He later left the congress and stood as an Independant candidate. Menon died at the age of 78 on October 6, 1974, whereupon Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi remarked that "a volcano is extinct".

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