Monday, May 20, 2013


It was quite a relaxing day yesterday and since i had nothing much to do, I thought of Listening to the CD of National Anthems of the European Countries which my friend had send me from Portugal. It was so beautiful to listen to all of the European National Anthems. That I just thought almighty God why Goa and Goans can have one or at least a Patriotic Goan Konkani Song.
Because I will never stand up or feel Indian Anthem as one of our own all my life long because Indian Anthem was created for Indian States and Goa was still a Different country, born and baptised 300 years before the Indian name came into existence given by the British and most of all the name Goa is not Mentioned in the Indian Anthem.
Since Goa is not mentioned nor its Language was mentioned in the Indian National Anthem and during its formation as Independent Country in 1947, itself proves that Goa was never a part of the name (INDIA) given by the British.
The very Indian Anthem proves that Goa was indeed a different country of its own and was never part of INDIA.
For this logical reason alone I felt strongly about having Goan National Anthem. All my Goan Tiatrist and Patriots pass this to our Goan pride to be made into a Goan National Anthem. Goans do need Goan National Song that will unite where ever we Goans may be we could always sing the Song and say Viva Goa.

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