Thursday, May 23, 2013


Walter Russell Crocker first lived in India as an army officer during World War II. He returned in the 1950s, serving two long terms (1952-1955 and 1958-1962) as Australia’s High Commissioner in New Delhi.

In his book ‘Nehru A Contemporary’s Estimate’ Walter Russell Crocker, Australian Ambassador to India says “Nehru would push and slap the people who got too close to him in Public, as Indians tend to do.  Nehru was irritable, but also bombastic and verbose, making too many speeches (often three a day) and spending too much time lecturing the west.

Walter Russell Crocker says “The people of India were not better-fed or housed and were more corruptly governed. They were subjected to a worse law and order situation and more unemployment”.

Nehru was careless with his time, once giving 3 hours to a high school delegation from Australia, while his ministers waited. Crocker, who served in Delhi as Australia’s Ambassador, said “Nehru had not sympathy for Gandhi’s Religion, or for religiousness at all”.

Walter Russell Crocker was deeply critical of many of Nehru’s Political decisions especially “The Invasion of Goa” and “India’s Kashmir Policy”.

According to Walter Russell Crocker Nehru’s Annexation of Goa was illegal, though only Rajagopalachari and Jayaprakash Narayan opposed it. Walter Russell Crocker writes “ what many of us will not believe : If Portugal had insisted on a Plebiscite, Goans would have preferred Portuguese rule to Indian”.

Nehru knew this and he said in 6th September, 1955 “Indian Union was not prepared to tolerate the presence of the Portuguese in Goa even if the Goans wanted them there”

This explains why Nehru never held a Plebiscite in Goa after 19th December, 1961.


  1. Nehru held Plebiscite in Hyderabad after killing 2 lakhs Muslims, Nehru held a Plebiscite in Bantva Manavadar & Junagad because he knew Majority Hindus will support his Indian Union. Nehru never Held Plebiscite in Goa, Nagaland, Kashmir, Manipur,Meghalaya, Tripura because he know those people will never join his artificial Indian Union.

    Former Agriculture Minister of Sikkim K.C Pradhan says Sikkim Plebiscite was nothing but a charade . “Indian Soldiers rigged the polls by pointing rifles at the hapless voters,”

    This is Worlds largest Demoncracy....

  2. The BILL seeking Special Status for Goa will, perhaps, never materialize! After all, since Goa's Liberation in 1961, Goans have been zealously serving as slaves of their elected Political Pundits, some of whom behave worse than the erstwhile Colonisers! If not, then why do the elected Political Pundits refuse to grant Special Status for Goa in spite of their "fair" election promises to do so? Walter Russell Crocker is correct when he states “ what many of us will not believe : If Portugal had insisted on a Plebiscite, Goans would have preferred Portuguese rule to Indian”. This would be even more true to life now, seeing that so many Goans are realistically opting for a Portuguese Nationality rather than continue to be treated as slaves in their own native country wherein the elected Politicians behave as "Indian Invaders of Goa" keeping it under their brutal control only to loot it greedily!