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Tiatrists in Goa have always played an important role in highlighting social issues faced by the Goan People. Many examples say it. The ‘Trio Kings,’ Conception-Nelson-Anthony, notorious for stage songs chopping Bandodkar’s policy to pieces, thawarted his moves to woo the catholic vote bank. Their songs were said to have ruffeled his feathers more than the strong Opposition parties ever did.When all offers to rein in the in the Trio failed, Bandodkar imposed a Tiatr Tax!!!! Tiatrists faced tough days, but none suffered as Kid Boxer did.

Caetano Manuel Pereira was born on February 17, 1917 at Siolim, Goa. His childhood naughtiness earned him the nickname ‘Boxer’ which was adapted to the stage name of Kid Boxer. He was a member of the famous Kid-Young-Rod trio. The second member was Young Menezes, a jet-speed singer, who once sang a self-composed song of 500 words without pausing to renew his breath. Minguel Rod, one of the greatest Konkani tiatrists, completed the triumvirate.

In 1958 Kid Boxer sang an Anti Indian Song in Mumbai. Goan Freedom Fighters there got him jailed and he was later deported to Goa( shows that Independent India knew that Goa was an independent entity). The Portuguese employed him in Emisorra Goa and as an artist he worked with the likes of Jacinto Vaz, Allen Costa and Georgina Jacques. According to many he was the highest paid Konkani artist of that time. Some of his hits were.

Divo pettounk guneanacher/ Uzwadd ieunk Chintnacher/ Zo Kon zanna konnem ghoram bandleant tim pongeranchea zaddacher. Suskar soddlet maeyani/Dolle bhortat dukhani/ Aiz putancheo maeyom duddu na zaun, rodtat zorinnim.

A song in codes though whose actual meaning was known to his close friends only. Yet his songs were Poppular. The above was scripted when the GOVT Of India banned money transfers and travel for Bombay Goans to Goa in wake of the economic blockade in the 1950’s.

After the Indian Invasion he was again arrested while singing in Mapusa. The song he sung was
Tum Bhitor sorlai chukon, mortoloi sukon, dusreacho desh pochona; Tum nestai fokot valo, ani khatai fokot palo, hem matui hanga sobona; Tum panpotti khatai, ani poch’chu korun thuktai, lozui kaim dissona…..

After his release Kid returned to Bombay and began stage acting again. In one of his shows containing a ‘zupatti’(tongue lashing) a so called Goan freedom fighter raised a rukus over his anti National song. Though the Audience was with Kid the Law was not. He was arrested and incarcerated at Nasik jail for 6 months and tortured Physically and mercilessly. Still his spirit was not quashed. He wrote another Tiatr, “Somzonnem Zali Chuk”. Here he sang a hit, “Suv mhoine Nasik coventan kaddle, torui converter zaunk na” which means “ Despite beinh in a Convent in Nasik for 6 months I was not converted”.

Kid boxer was an expert and incomparable delivering his melodious ‘zupattis,’ like ‘Nesson dusreachem kapodd, hath paiem kamrun bosleat Makod.” This was in accordance to his conviction and as that of many Goans that Goa was invaded and illegally occupied by India.

Luckly this time he was not charged with sedition which in those days was only a crime in India and U.S.S.R.

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