Monday, May 20, 2013


As a child I was taught strange things in my History books such as “India is the only Country which Never Invaded any nation in the last 2000 years”!!! What Lies. The Indian Nation only was formed in 1947 and after that I do not need to comment on who It invaded.
I was also taught that the Portuguese were Tyrants and treated Goans as indigenous, The fact being that this was only for a short Period. Another lie was that the invasion of Goa was peaceful and that the Indian Government treated all with Dignity. Below is a rare picture of the Invasion of Goa
Shocking to see how candeth (Iam intentionally not writing in capitals) acted in a racist manner. We are taught that English and French were Racists. See who is a racist here. No doubt the two Malaya lees, Krishna Menon and Candeth are Guilty of Invading Goa. Today their legacy is carried on By another Malalayee Pillai who heads the Naval Base and is not willing to vacate it.
In the end I would say, I have many Decent Malayaleee friends, Christians, Hindus and Muslims. But the fact is true that many Malayalees were responsible for Harm on Goa from menon to candeth, then it was Kumar, the first and only man to be executed in Goa who Possibly would have not Got a chance to do the crime If Invasion did not happen and Finally now it is that Pillai playing games with Goans. And it is well known to many that both candeth and menon were hated in Kerala too as they always were proud of their Nair ancestor which they stated publicly.

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