Friday, April 12, 2013

9/11? OURS WAS IN 1961! By Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda

For us, 9/11 happened some four decades and more ago. In 1954, terrorists sponsored and reinforced by troopers of the Indian Union, invaded a part of our homeland, the ancient Estado da India Portuguesa or Portuguese India (EIP: Goa, Daman, Diu, Dadra, Nagar-Haveli, Anjedive Islands), which State dates back to 25th November 1510: St. Catherine's Day.

On 18th December 1961, after failing in attempts to seize the remainder, main, territory throught acts of terrorism, by means of sponsored terrorists, or by intimidation, the Indian Union invaded and occupied the rest of our country with an overwhelming force of fifty thousand men against some three thousand five hundred men, telling us contemptuously that we could like it or lump it, and that the Indian Union would under no circumstance permit us to exercise our right to Self-Determination.

Before the invasion, the Indian Union stirred up a war hysteria, accusing Portugal of planning to lease the EIP
 (Estado da India Portuguesa) to the USA, to NATO or the Martians, and of introducing tanks, nuclear warheads and ICBMs. (Please pardon the exaggeration!) But after 18th December 1961, the terrorists of the Indian Union's Air Force today weep that there was no real resistance and so they did not get any real opportunity to show off their might. However, perhaps for sheer sports, they raked with gunfire the ATCs at each of the civilian airports, Diu, Daman & Dabolim.

Since then, under succeeding dispensations of Quislings, the EIP (Estado da India Portuguesa) has been raped and colonized, her demography altered thorougly so as to make its citizens into an insignificant minority. 

Today, fifty years later, our people are less than thirty percent of the population.

Proffessionals and educated persons have been systematically sidelined, denied employment, robbed of their lands to settle the colonists, and forced into exile. The diaspora has burgeoned even as the colonists have. Goa has been reduced to a strumpet, to a plaything which the Indian Union uses to amuse herself with.

Terrorists? Am I exaggerating in calling these hoodlums of the Indian Union's Armed Forces this Terrorists? After all, they were only doing their job, right?

Wrong. Remember the Nuremberg Trials? Crime is crime, and can never be duty. The perpetrators of 18th December 1961 were and are truly Terrorists!

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