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THE HINDIANS By Franco Fernandes, Chorão

The Hindians: People whose mother tongue is Hindi i.e. much of Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and some surrounding areas in Northern India is their homeland. Hindian politicians control and dominate the Indian Government because they form the single largest block in the Indian parliament but Hindians do not form a majority in the Indian Union. They are just the largest nationality (or lingual group). They form only about 30 to 40% of the population of the Indian Union.

Formation of Indian Republic - India is an artificial country created in 1947. Today's "Republic of India" is the successor of "British India", the geographical area conquered and ruled by the British in the Indian Subcontinent as their prized colony. British India now Republic of India comprises of many nationalities like Hindians, Kannads, Malayalis, Khalistan (Punjabis), Marathas, Tamils, Bengalis, etc and after 1947 invaded  and annexed by India Union  i.e. Goa, Kashmir, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, Manipur, Etc. Does each of these nations, do each of these peoples, participate equally or does one or more of the nations dominate the others and run Government of India for their own benefit? During the British rule it was easy to say that British India was run by the British, serving their self interest. After Independence of British India from British rule merely changed the rule from British hands to the Hindians hands.

The Myth of India and Indian Unity - For Centuries various Kingdoms & Empires fought Wars with each other in the Indian Subcontinent. There was no such Kingdom or Empire that united the entire Indian Subcontinent into one entity. The Republic of India which today Rules most of the Indian Subcontinent is not a remnant of any past  Empires, Kingdoms or Dynasties  that ruled the Indian Subcontinent centuries back. India is a successor of British India. The British conquered the various kingdoms in the Indian subcontinent one by one. Then, for ease of administering (ruling) the conquered territories, the British set up an administrative unit called INDIA in the 17th Century. A country or administrative unit called India (or by any other name), comprising of the current territories of India, never existed in all known history, before the British conquest and consolidation.

During the British rule, people of the Indian subcontinent (including those areas now in Pakistan and Bangladesh) had a common purpose and agenda, namely, freedom from British rule. Such a one-ness of purpose never before existed amongst the various peoples of the Indian subcontinent. It brought them together. Finally, in the middle of the 20th century (in the middle 1940s), the British decided to end their rule over the Indian subcontinent. The one-ness of purpose that evolved during the freedom struggle against the British held, with the one exception that most of the Muslim-majority regions in the North West of the Indian Subcontinent became a separate nation called Pakistan at the insistence of the Muslims. Much of the rest of the Indian subcontinent became a country called "India" by requesting other nations to join the Indian Union and Invading & annexing other nations in the Indian Subcontinent i.e Kashmir, Junagadh, Nagaland, Goa, Hyderabad, Sikkim, Tripura, Mizoram, etc.

India, as a country, by any name, never existed before the British colonial rule in all history, in spite of the oft-repeated false propaganda of the long history, one-ness and unity of India.

Hindian rule Over Indian Subcontinent - There is Portugal ruled by Portuguese, There is Spain ruled by Spanish. There is Japan ruled by Japanese.

It was Nehru’s Dream (A Hindian) to control the entire Indian Subcontinent into one entity and force them to join the Indian Union. Once the British left in 1947, politicians from the Hindi heartland (Hindian politicians) dominated the Indian Parliament and thus control the Indian Government. This made Hindi the official Language of Indian Union and not only resulted in the imposition of Hindi as the official language on the non-Hindi speaking peoples of the Indian Union but also in  the steady draining of economic resources from much of the rest of India Union into the Hindi heartland by allocating un-proportionately large amounts of central government funds for infrastructure and industrial development in the Hindi heartland. Other indirect means are also used by the Indian Government to benefit the Hindi heartland economically, at the expense of many non-Hindi states.

Proof that it is the Hindian politicians who control the Indian Government, irrespective of which party is in power or who the Prime Minister is, is in what the Indian Government does. In a multi-national, multi-ethnic, potpourri,  artificially created country like India, whether one nationality controls the government or not can be verified easily. If the government consistently favours one nationality and their region in economic affairs, that is proof enough that one nationality is controlling the government. If the language of one nationality is imposed on the other nationalities, that is yet another evidence that one nationality is in effect ruling the country. If we examine the situation in India ever since the British rulers left in 1947, we see that the Hindi-speaking regions (called Hindi belt or Hindi heartland) is favoured economically by the Indian Government and Hindi language is imposed on others.

When it comes to Indian Government fiscal aid and grants to states, Hindi states are consistently and blatantly favoured. Indian Government employees from non-Hindi areas are compelled to study Hindi and their pay raises are pegged to it. Most entrance examinations for the lucrative Indian Government and government sector jobs are held in English and Hindi only thus giving undue advantage to Hindians; While Hindians are thus able to take the examinations in their mother tongue, others have to choose between two alien languages, English and Hindi. I have proven in this section that Hindian politicians are in fact the real rulers of the Indian Union and they are benefiting from it at the expense of most non-Hindi nationalities.

Hindian Terrorism & Choking the Voices of Freedom - Many Hindians fought for Independence from British rule using different means, some even using terrorism. Ram Manohar Lohia (A Hindian) even organised a Terrorist outfit “Azad dasta”  to fight British. From 1954-1961 Hindian Government under Nehru sponsored Terrorism in Goa by giving Indian Terrorists full financial, logistic and armament support. Most of these Terrorists were Indians with their bases situated in Indian territory supported by Indian Police. Many innocent Goans were killed in Goa due to Indian Sponsored Terrorism.

These Indian Terrorists are today revered as Freedom Fighters by Indian Government but Freedom Fighters of Kashmir, Assam, Punjab, etc who fight for Independence from Indian rule are labelled as Terrorists by Indian Government.

After the Indian Invasion of Goa,  some Goan Freedom Fighters planted bombs in some cities of Goa in protest of Indian Occupation of Goa. Soon the Goan Freedom Fighters were caught by Indians and were labelled as terrorists and were send to different jails in India. This ended the Freedom movement on Goan soil  & the dream of Independent Goa.

Basically, India believes that Terrorism is a crime only when it is committed by others, but is a virtue when terrorism is committed by Indians.

Republic of India has the Largest Separatists Freedom Movement  in the World today. Most of the Freedom Movements are from Non Hindi States like Kashmir, Khalistan(Punjab), Tamil Naidu, Most North Eastern States etc. Though the Indian constitution guarantees freedom of speech, political parties or Individual are not allowed to speak about freedom from Indian rule. Any party, group or individual who speak in support of freedom from India are labelled as Terrorists, Insurgents & anti Indians . Sedition law are applied  on them by the Indian Government (which is dominated by Hindi politicians).

The Indian Government uses all its powers like Indian Police force, Indian Army and also Indian Air force to suppress the Freedom Movements in India. In Punjab, Kashmir, Assam and Nagaland women’s have been raped by Indian army because their men’s have been fighting for Independence from Hindian Rule. In 1966 the Indian Air force bombarded the Mizoram villages killing many Mizo civilians because they fought bravely against Indian Occupation.

After the Invasion of Goa, the Hindian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru quickly passed a law banning any party or individual voicing "secession from India". Thus democratic and peaceful means of people achieving their aspirations of self-determination and independence are thwarted. This is the reason for armed independence movements in Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, Punjab, Manipur, Kashmir, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, etc. United Nations and other world bodies should take notice of this.

IF the natives of Kashmir succeed in getting independence from India then the natives of Goa, Assam, Punjab, Tamil Nadu & North East States etc will also start agitating for independence from New Delhi. This explains why the Indian Govt is doing whatever it can to prevent the Kashmiris from getting freedom from New Delhi and choking their voice of Freedom.

False Propaganda - While the voices of freedom are thus choked off, the Indian government (controlled and dominated by Hindi politicians) uses all its power and resources to tell the Various Nationalities in India that India is an ancient country with an ancient culture and heritage. Schools books, Movies, Television, Radio and every public forum is used to brainwash the public with this idea. After 1961 Goans have constantly exposed to the Indian Government propaganda, and with the voices of freedom for Goa choked off since 1964, the majority of Goans have bought the Indian government propaganda of "India is an ancient country! India is my country! We are Indians!" The fact is Goa is part of Indian Subcontinent not the Political entity known as Republic of India born on 1947. The Indian Subcontinent also consists of Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives but they never say we are Indians! As I explained earlier, India was never a country before the British consolidated their conquests in the Indian subcontinent into a single administrative unit called India.

Loss of Cultural Identity – During Portuguese Administration in Goa 99%of Administration Job was in Goans hands. After the Invasion Goa, Goans were replaced by Hindian Babus because Knowledge of Hindi and English became necessary to get Government Jobs in Goa.

Sri Lankans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Bhutanese  are not forced to learn Hindi because they are not part of India. After the Indian Invasion of Goa Hindi was forcefully imposed on Goan. Hindi was pushed down the throats of Goans. Knowledge of Hindi was equated with patriotism. The result of this is Hindi is widely spoken in all major cities of Goa today.

What the Indian government wants is not just an united India but an uniform India, that is a Hindianized India. The Hindi politicians want all the nationalities in the Indian Republic  not only to learn their Hindi language but also to adopt their culture. Hindi is made compulsory  subject  in all schools &  Colleges in many Non Hindi speaking states including Goa. Destruction of all other languages as useful languages of business and education and the destruction of all other cultures of their individuality and uniqueness is the aim of many Hindi elite and it is carried out through the Indian government by virtue of the domination of the Indian parliament by Hindi politicians. Television is a powerful media. Indian Government uses its control of broadcast television to propagate Hindi Movies, Hindi News, Hindi Serials & cultures.

In India Hindi-supporters insist that Hindi shall be the SOLE official language because it is the mother tongue of more Indians than any other language. Hindi is not the mother tongue of the majority but of less than 40% of the population concentrated in north-central India.

Arrogant Hindi fanatics say, "We are not forcing you to study Hindi but if you want a job with the Indian government or its various undertakings you must know Hindi.

Economic Plunder of Goa & other Non Hindi states - During the Portuguese Administration in Goa there was no Tax imposed on Goans. Portuguese never looted the wealth of Goa and took it to Portugal.

Goa annually contributes billions of money from Mining, Central Government taxes etc to the Hindian Government. In return Goa gets nothing and needs to Beg to New Delhi.

In other Non Hindi States Billions of rupees are transferred annually from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, North Eastern States etc to the Hindi heartland through many means. The primary mechanism is the central government taxation. Taxes collected from all the states are pooled as central government revenues and then given back to the states in the form of central government industrial and infrastructure projects, grants and loans. If there is no discrimination and everything is fair, then the ratio of the money taken out of a state in the form of central government taxes to the money given back to it in the form of projects, grants and loans would be approximately the same for all the states with some year-to-year fluctuations. This is not the case here. The ratio is considerably and substantially higher for Non-Hindi States compared to the Hindi states. Other indirect means are also used by the Indian Government to benefit the Hindi heartland economically, at the expense of many non-Hindi states. 

Some Goans know that Goa is economically Plundered & discriminated. Yet Goans do not yet think in terms of an independent Goa because the constant Indian government propaganda has embedded in their minds that “India is an ancient country! Indian is my Country!” We are Indians! a totally false notion!

Encouraging Hindian Migration to Non Hindi States - The Indian Government encourages Migration of Hindi speaking people into Non Hindi States like Goa, North Eastern states, Maharashtra, Southern States. Today Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore,  North Eastern states, Chennai (Madras) are being swamped by North Indians coming for jobs, bringing with them their Language, arrogance, brashness and intolerance. By and large they do not want to learn the local language, nor understand the culture and ethos. These people then Meddle into local Politics and get the local ration card.

Today with the help of Konkan Railway thousands of North Indians are arriving in Goa.

Unwanted Hindians - The Hindians dominate the Indian Parliament but their people specially (U.P & Biharis) are unwanted people in the Republic of India. They are unwanted in non Hindi states like Maharashtra , Assam, Tamil Naidu, Karnataka etc. The (U.P & Biharis) have antagonised local population wherever they had settled.  They are accused of being filthy and do not pay attention to hygiene. They make their neighbourhood a total mess.. They kill anyone from a close friend to a complete stranger for their own benefit. They try to colonize every city in the Indian Republic, eventually end-up creating a big slum in the centre of any city. The local population feel uncomfortable with their presence. If you are found speaking Hindi in some parts of Assam there is a possibility that you might get killed by the Locals.

During Portuguese Administration Goa was clean & Hygiene but after the Indian Invasion the Hindians took over the Administration  jobs of Goa. This Hindian Babus started eating pans and made most cities of Goa red.

Hindian Democracy – Indian claims to be the world largest Democracy but its claims are based on its Population and not quality Democracy. The Hindians Politicians divide people on the basis of Language, Caste, Religion etc to rule India, which they borrowed from the British ‘Divide and Rule’. After 1961 Hindian Democracy was imposed on Goans. The result, Goans were divided on Language and Script.

Hindian politicians, even if they are without a majority, form the nucleus of power because they are the largest single group. It is easier for politicians from other nationalities (or other regions) to join with Hindian politicians, accept their domination and share the fruits of power. It is easier to join hands with Hindian politicians and form a majority coalition than put together one without them. There is so much jealousy, there is so much rivalry between the various non-Hindi regional political bosses, that they would not yield to one other rather would accept the supremacy of Hindian politicians and accept them as de facto leaders. Recent political history of India is replete with so many incidences to prove this point. Hindian political leaders cleverly exploit this situation to their own benefit. This is the political reality. This is the political dynamics. It is not going to change as long as there is an "India".

Though there are different political parties among Hindians that fight with each other for the "right to govern India", once it comes to protecting Hindian hegemony over the non-Hindi peoples, they stand together.

Final Words - What happened on 19th December 1961 in Goa was not a Liberation but one External power (The Portuguese)  was forcefully replaced by another External Power  (The Hindians). There is no doubt that Goa would had been an Independent Nation after 1975 like Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, East Timor if not the Nehru Hindians Invade Goa in 1961.

This is the reality of India that is Hindia!

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