Friday, April 12, 2013


Goan freedom fighters have always been very petty and selfish minded. It is nauseating to see them bickering because Dr. Coissoro, a bonafide Goan, has been honoured by Goa. They call him the Salazarist. We call our freedom fighters, without exception, the gulams of the colonial rulers, who acknowledge Indian Supreme Court termed Annexation of Goa by the Indian army as the liberation of Goa. Shame on these bikhari (beggars) touts. Goa cannot expect anything from the so called freedom fighters like Flavian Dias and Naguesh Karmali, who would rather fall to the feet of the Indian fascists, the RSS-BJP.

It was Nehru who had always said that he would not use force to take-over Goa, and had further declared that the freedom movement was started by Goans. How come then there are over 4000-odd non-Goans receiving pensions at the cost of Goan taxpayers??

This 'FOT'TING' (LYING) Goan freedom fighters celebrate 18th June as the Revolution Day, when in fact there was no Revolution at all but only Invasion on 19/12/1961. Dr. M. Lohia gave a call to Goans on 18th June 1946 to revolt against Salazar's dictatorial rule. But Goans loved peace and harmony more, otherwise they would have revolted when embargo was imposed by Nehru on Goa where those depending on the subsistence from Bombay and elsewhere in India had to go without it making life more miserable for them in Goa. But they didn't.

These bogus so called freedom fighters gave us Goans the rosy picture of the functioning of the Indian democracy when it was and still is, even to this day, a functioning anarchy (at least in Goa with the way things are going on vis a vis the Regional Plan-2011 and the Congress' 'take it all home' attitude).

Flavian Dias, who connived with Manohar Parrikar and Vellingkar to bring the vicious 'Freedom Struggle' VCD in the Goan houses and in the tender minds of Goan children, and Naguesh Karmali, the man who lead the RSS gang of thugs on Mala Fontainhas, Panjim, have no right to ask Eduardo Faleiro to step down. Dr. Coissoro will remain a honoured person in Goa whether these RSS-BJP thugs like it or not. And this termites should not worry about the Portuguese people. They are better offnot knowing these RSS-Fascists worms who go by the name of Goa's freedom fighters and live off the hard earned Goan tax payer's money. At best they should be thrown out from the list of Goa's freedom fighters for bringing shame on genuine Goan freedom fighters, if there are any, in the entire list of fakes.

We, niz Goenkars, call upon these bogus freedom fighters to go to Bihar, Orissa and other parts of India and liberate low caste who are being prevented from entering temples. Young harijan girls are being raped by zamidars and political leaders.

Alberto Leitao

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