Thursday, April 11, 2013


50 years ago before Goa was annexed by the Indian Union the standard of living of Goa with population only 600,000 was much higher than that of Asia and even some parts of Eastern Europe along with rich cultural heritage. Up to 1980's standard of living was still far better. It got deteriorated later as more and more non-Goans started flowing from India and that has eventually reduced its per capita. The total control of Goa government yielded by IAS Babus that eventually knocked down many educated Goans out of decent job that was necessary to support the welfare of their families.

Then CM Dayanand Bandodkar government due to the hatred toward Catholics and Brahama Hindus who were educated in Portuguese language, had agreed with the Delhi Political Administration of Nehru and then Indira Gandhi Congress, that classified jobs similar of Direitor de Fazenda, Direitor de Administração de Communidades, Direitor de Junta Commercio, Juízos de Tribunal, etc., these positions initially were filled by Catholics and Hindus prior to 1961, immediately required a qualification with knowledge of Indian Administration Service(IAS). Bandodkar himself being illiterate had no knowledge about this exam whatsoever to the fact how important it was to delegate and transfer same job responsibilities to IAS Babus, that Goans once enjoyed over 451 years in Portuguese Administration, so much so this new requirement displaced many Goans from Government service. Thus many Goans fled to Portugal due to the onslaught of Bandodkar administration for 17 years.

These same IAS Babus later filled lower ladder vacancies by employing their immediate friends and relatives from across the boarders of Maharashtra and Kerala. Many Goans in the process lost their jobs.

More and more Goans started fleeing Goa to foreign countries including Europe, Canada, Middle East, USA, etc. in search of Diaspora leaving their homeland Goa with vacuum only to be filled by the next load of non-Goans.

Those who stayed behind had to suffer the reign of terror, anything that has been said against the Indian government, would either got transferred, demoted or fired from holding any kind of job private or government.

Even now elected politicians use that yardstick to get elected over and again, if you don't vote for me you will lose your job next time.

The only natural resources Goa had then before 1961 is its mine ores, Marmagoa natural harbor, coconut and caju plantation, etc., cultivation of agricultural fields, fish, etc., vast Communidade land and 600,000 people of Nizgoenkar origin.

Now Goa after 1961 it has almost same resources as indicated above, and sustained damage to its pristine environment and few more Industries, including tourism, and growth in population of 1.3 million people. More than half of that population crossed from India.

While Indian government gets lot of foreign exchange due to the shipment of mine ores, very little in return showed up to Goan treasury. Lot of rampant corruption and mismanagement by Goan and Indian politician have surfaced up in last 50 years. Standard of living is closing fast next to that of Bangladesh, except that of those few who were lucky to secure good employment in foreign countries, received reasonable subsistence to keep their living standard above the poverty line of their next door neighbor.

Same old Industrialists that made fortune during Portuguese regime were still successful during Indian regime. Majority of indigenous Goans have paid the price for so called Liberation of 1961, putting themselves way down to poverty line, and with no voice in front of deadly politicians who control their lives, while politicians amass most wealth through corruption.

Justice system has failed totally since 1961, people are afraid of Indian Police to speak up. Freedom of Tiatrists is threatened with Police threats. Freedom of expression in Goan newspapers and on internet is being watched by Indian Police.

It's time now Goan people wake up from sound sleep to realize where they are misled and who are their perpetrators. They can still do it by force in joining coercively with selfless leaders around Goan world wide by overthrowing illegal Indian regime and taking all corrupt politicians for the task, without obstructing the free justice system of the world community.

Long Live Goa.

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