Sunday, April 14, 2013


Today, I suddenly remembered about Mohd. Jinnah, the man responsible for the division of India, along with Nehru, who, has also been the chief architect of the prevailing misery in Goa. During my college days way back in the late 70’s I read about Jinnah who was taken to court during India’s freedom struggle. The British judge irritated with his attitude, stubbornness and lack of respect, waving his finger at Jinnah said “I see a fool in you” and Jinnah with a bow said “In that case I must be the mirror”.

Yes indeed ! As our Political elite led by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat are all waiting for the “gong”, to start off the celebrations of the so called 50 years of liberation, they have to look within themselves and see what their conscience reflects in the mirror.Yes indeed ! In 50 years a lot can be achieved. As shown by the Japanese, more than a decade ago, Nagasaki and Hiroshima mourned for their dead and the destruction that was caused by the first two atom bombs 50 years earlier and within 50 years both these devastated cities look like any other Japanese cities. What an achievement it has been ! yes indeed ! There is a vast difference between the Japanese mantra and the Goan mantra and it espouses the will to do and perform on the part of the Japanese and our apathy or indifference to do andperform.

It’s been 50 years since the Portuguese left Goans shores, was that liberation ? No my dear Goans, it wasn’t liberation, it was annexation by force, India forced it’s self on us, it wasn’t  a choice as there was no referendum like the opinion poll, our Goan leaders fell for conniving moves of some of the then Indian leaders and inherited their legacy of corruption and communalism. Goa was never a part of the Indian union prior to the arrival of the Portuguese, as there was no Indian union then, there is history to prove it, neither were we part to the Indian Constitution, so why did Goa become a part of India post 1961 ?

Fifty years of what are our politicians celebrating ? Goa’s freedom from dictatorship to the subjection to India, victims of their pseudo secular democracy ? What has Goa achieved as a result of it’s freedom? How much has the basic Goan quality of live improved ? Has the basic situation changed or even improved in any way since 1961 ? At least prior to 1961, we were Goans in Goa, living in security, today we are becoming outsiders in our own land, living as insecure as a new born baby, as a matter of fact we have reversed our time machine to the era of lawlessness. Goa is being mutilated and disembodied, even more with every passing year. Why are the promises made by Nehru not fulfilled even after fifty years ?

It is our culture, customs, traditions, festivals, occupations,hospitality, our very way of life and above all our language that establishes our unique identity, which is certainly different from therest of India and well respected around the world. The over fivecenturies of Portuguese rule had to have it’s effects on the lives ofGoans and that is the reason why Nehru had to promise Goa specialstatus to safeguard this unique identity.

Over the years due to the non implementation of this promise and the greed of our own politicians, our unique Goan Identity has beendiluted and continues to dilute further, as Goa becomes a paradisesought after by the affluent as well as the downtrodden along with all the most wanted, from all over India and the rest of the world,flocking down to Goa in hoards with little or no thought at all.

The limited mining legacy left by the Portuguese has been turned into a free for all orgy, butchering the very innards of Goa, that feedthem, whereas the pristine beaches have been taken over by drug lords,mafia and pimps. Crime and criminals have been feasting, courtesy ofthe politicians-police-criminals nexus.

Looking at the turmoil and chaos in Goa, we do need to look hard within ourselves, for our part in this degeneration of Goa through our apathy and our inaction. In truth, it is we who are contributing to the slow and agonising death of Goa, we should not be celebrating but infact mourning for the 50 years of corrupt and communal ideologies that were forced on us through their pseudo secular democracy by India.

As I see the political elite all decked up for the celebration, I feelit’s utter shame and disgrace for Goans to celebrate 50 years of this liberation that isn’t and that never was and will never be.

I wonder, what will our politicians see as a reflection of their conscience inthe mirror ? Epitomes of humanity or a disgrace to mankind ?

Goa !Take your pick.

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