Sunday, April 14, 2013

GOAN REVOLUTION By Agnelo Gomes, Combakar

Thank you Viva Portugal for your great service to the Goa Republic that has been destroyed by the ganthi Nehru. He invaded with a vision to loot Goa assets such as our rich mine ores and the location of great natural harbor of Marmagoa the greatest of its kind in the entire Asia.

Now with the Revolution we must turn the clock back to regain our Democracy, freedom, human rights, the right to vote for a real democracy. A Democracy is more than simple voting. In Goa we do not have freedom of Press like we've on Goancauses. Goancauses is the only list that allows the complete freedom. 

This list has been around more than a decade and my activities more than thirty years.

In fact my activities began in Sancoale village now called Zuarinagar. I was a fresh Engineering Electrical Graduate w/Honors from the Victoria Jubilee Institute, Matunga. I was in my early 20's underemployed by the Zuari Agro Chemicals, Ltd in the year 1970-76. Myself and few tough brave formed the Employee Union that will employ more than 80% Goan youth, better salaries, health care benefits. I was better known in Magao and Sancoale as " Paclo" fully devoted for the Goancause. Nothing would pass by me if anything less than Goa. I was also kind, honest, gentle and loved the real attributes a Goan Paclo should have & bring in on the table.
Now it's you guys the New Youth brave and strong the way Salazar would have had in pride of special class that belongs to " Cultura Portuguesa Goan "

But we must not forget our Konkani Prime identity with Konkani our Prime language, though we loved Salazar and his Portugal with great esteem.

The Revolution must begin now from Goa and abroad before the new elections begin.

We've to organize. I know the good organization is the key of success.

We must install Data members and sub members to form a Class oriented object with simplified diagram of branches, each branch member must connected to the trunk of a tree, hypothetically speaking.
Every Vaddo must have a Group leader and sub-group leader to convince the Goan People stay out of election voting, because people have elected in the past only the Goan criminals. And these criminals would have been serving in the Fort Aguada, Jail behind bars. We got to push behind these criminal parties of Congress, BJP, MGP, UGDR, etc..

Teach the Goan people support the Freedom Party of the Goa Revolution Front and elect the Freedom party to power.

Our Freedom flag of white and Blue should be hoisted all over Goa, Damao, e Diu.

Salazar's Portuguese Flag can stand side by side to represent Goa's Commonwealth with the Salazar's Portugal. We can mend fences with the present socialist/communist Administration that has joined hands with the our enemies at Delhi, if the Administration is willing to recognize our Freedom Goal and peaceful Revolution, then the Administration is most welcome.

So Viva Portugal you got my Scope of Resolution. Your vies are most Welcome in this matter.

At this time we must declare our data members Public, but those who're willing to join us their names will be kept Private. Thanks.- Agnelo Gomes – The Combakar for the Goan Revoluition Freedom 

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