Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It comes as a surprise to me that some people have resignated to the fact that Goa has become a part of India.

The TRUTH remains that Goa was ruthelessly annexed by the India Government of the time.

Just because we have remained with the India Government, does not imply that everyone sold their right of being Goan to the Indian Government.

The true Goans at the time of the annexation, were loving and peaceful and civilized people.

There existed love and unity amoungst us, until the Indian Government slowly and systematically corrupted the most of us.

It is thanks to the Indian Government and its manipulative policies, that Goa today has become the way it is, today.

Just because we were forced to accept the Indian occupation for so long, does not mean that we have to accept it FOREVER.

We can take many good things out of the ongoing Arab spring, where thousands of people have come forward in UNITY and have put down the evil and corrupt enemies that plundered, corrupted and almost destroyed their motherland for decades, and such activities are still taking place in full swing.

Each one of us have to go sincerely go deep within ourselves and make a decision.

Do we still deserve to be a part of this corrupt and destructive Indian rule, or can we take the matters in our own hands for the betterment and prosperity of our birth place.

The answer is very very simple, yet the majority of us choose to remain silent and in worse cases try to bring down those that wish to sincerely do something about this current horrible and destructive situation.

If we do not wish to do anything about our horrible situation, then atleast let us NOT criticise the ones that are still crusading against the Indian might with whatever means possible, to make our beloved GOA free of injustice, corruption and destruction.

This is all for this time, till the next time, you all be happy as you always are.

GOD bless us all, most of all, GOD bless and protect our motherland GOA.......!!!

Soddanch mog assum.

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