Sunday, April 14, 2013


With the Invading Indian forces came down all the evils into Goa. With the exit of the Portuguese all the good vanished gradually from Goa. What is happening in Goa right now is unimaginable. The corrupts seem to be on the rise and the honests seem to be on decline. CORRUPTION! It is difficult to imagine that this problem can and will ever be solved. It has already taken deep roots into the blood now. It may definitely grow but never fade away thanks to the so called freedom fighters of Goa like Naguesh Karmali and his gangsters. Indian influence has already started taking roots in the blood of our Goans who were not like that prior to the so called liberation of Goa. Who should you thank all this for? In UK, Portugal and the rest of Europe you don’t have to give a penny to anyone and yet your work is done systematically without any hassles. If you go to any office in Goa and ask for a certificate or any minor official work. The first thing is that the concerned personnel look for extra salary from you to do it, though they are paid to do this.
The first murder was committed immediately after the liberation by Bhandari of his friend and a fellow Hindu. He was released from jail at an old age. But was released which means got away with murder. This was the first blessing after the Indian Invasion.
What has the so called Liberation given to Goa? Nothing but misery and pain to the Goans. It has also given systematic looting of Goa in the name of development. It has given Goa above all the most corrupt and ugly rulers. It has give the Goans worst unscrupulous security personnel. It has given unemployment to the Goan Locals.

It has brought down along with it the reservation system for SC/ST. Today the Goan youth have taken to wrong vices due to unemployment caused because of this menace, brought down by the Indians. The evil of reservation of jobs, promotions.

Due to this Invasion by the Indian forces invited by Crooks and thieves like Naguesh Karmali, the deadly terrorist Dawood Gilani @ David Headley planned to destroy Goa. Headley was roaming all around Goa unhindered by any body. This is also another evil brought down by the Invasion of Goa by the Indian Forces.

What are the evils brought down by the invading Indians? The evil of CRIMES like murders, robberies, cheating etc. The evil of dirtiness. The evil of transforming a green Goa to a Red Goa. It has unleashed the menace of GHANTTIS into Goa. The evil of dirtying of Goa. The evils of Beautiful spots and terrains being used by Ghanttis as toilets. The evils of inter religious discriminations. The evils of bribery prone administration. It has injected the Indian corruption into the blood of the sons of Goa. To clean that blood out we need the Indians out of Goa!

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