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Goa, Damão and Diu were Liberated ? 
The Truth of the "Liberation" is Very Clear -  Transform Goa, Damão and Diu for Strong Military Camps  for  Indian Armed Forces to Subjugate the People of Goa, Damão and Diu.

It was on behalf of  the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru and the Congress Party which ruled India in 1961 that ordered the use of Indian Armed Forces to Invade, Occupy and then Annex Goa, 
Damão and  Diu. 

Jawaharlal Nehru said at the time that the Portuguese forces stationed in those three territories  constituted a very serious threat to the India's territorial integrity and peace and security in the Indian subcontinent. For make no mistake we say that the Portuguese troops  (metroploitanos e Naturais) were about 3,000 soldiers who encompassed small military units. 

The Portuguese defense forces in Goa was of eight companies that is Companhia de Caçadores (unit of infantary) without automatic  rifles, two batteries - Batarias de Artilharia  (basic unit of field artillery howitzer with 4 8.8) and 4  squadron -  Esquadrão de Reconhecimento (unit of  cavalry) with obsolete cars (armored cars of World War II used in Libya campaign, without tanks), a  detachment of engineering (Destacamento de Engenharia da India) and a company of material maintenance (Companhia de Manutenção de Material). 

The Portuguese Naval presence in 18 December 1961 was limited to the old frigate, built in 1934 (Aviso " Afonso de Albuquerque ") and the small motorboat inspection (Lancha de Fiscalização "Sirius"), there was no Naval base to support those Ship.

Goa had no Portuguese Air Bases, not even a single Portuguese military plane.

At Damão the field troops was composed by 2 infantary companies and only 1 artillery baterie; the Navy have only 1 inspection motorboat (Lancha de Fiscalização"Antares").

At Diu the army have only 1 infantary company and only 1 artillery baterie; the Navy have only 1 inspection motoboat (Lancha de Fiscalização "Vega")

What we see now after Goa, Damão and Diu was "Liberated" in name of the security and peace ? This is the real panorama about the military presence of Indian Armed Forces in Goa, Damão and Diu: - Just after the occupation of Goa on 19th December 1961 the Dabolim airport was transformed in Indian air-naval base (Hansa) which put all obstacles for the progress of Goa mainly to the development of tourism;

-Two army camps was created in Goa, one near Bambolim broadcasting station and another at Navelim;

- At Verém is located the Naval Academy (INS Mandovi);

- The Island of Angediva (Anjadiv) was sold without the permission of Goan people for the Indian Navy to serve as forward post to the big project of Sea Bird, which must be the biggest naval base on this side of the Suez;

- The Damão (Daman) airport was transformed in naval air station of Indian Coast Guard;

Now the Government of India that proclaim to the world that is a peaceful country is projecting to install one Indian Air Force base at Diu, non respecting the wishes and the opposition of the local inhabitants.
Once more the mask is fell down.

This is the Great India, lover of peace and of the human rights that transformed the tiny Goa, Damão and Diu in military camps for the Indian Armed Forces!

The massive presence of the Indian Armed Forces in the tiny territories of Goa, Damão and Diu is to perpetuate the occupation and in this way intimidate and subjugate the people of Goa, Damão and Diu.

Viva Goa!

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