Monday, April 8, 2013

WHY GOA WAS INVADED by Menino Fernandes

The occupation of Goa cannot be reversed as the Goans are powerless or unless a miracle takes place or some foreign powerful nations help the Goans in getting an independent Goa. Definitely there is no return of the Portuguese.  But the Question. A frequent question asked by the Goans.
Jawaharlal Nehru

Is it really “Liberation” that took place in 1961 or just a ploy to win the Indian elections of 1962? Krishna Menon and Nehru seemed to play their cards right. They were so afraid to let go off the power from their hands, they decided to bully their smaller neighbour Goa.

It was also the other colonialist USSR that helped the vicious and bullying Indians to over power the small unit of 3500 Portuguese soldiers with an overwhelming army of 35,000 soldiers and illegally occupy Goa. The real Goans be they Hindus or Christians never revolted against the Portuguese rulers. It was some criminals who were jailed in Aguada for crimes like thefts, cheating etc who either after completing their terms of sentences and some by escaping joined the Indians in Maharashtra. They thereafter declared themselves as Freedom Fighters of Goa. Even these freedom fighters were not consulted by Nehru the aristocrat of Indian politics. Today these freedom fighters are neglected by the Indian government which they rightfully deserved for giving an open invitation to the Indians to invade Goa without thinking of the consequences or without keeping the farsight of it.

Did the Indian premier take into consideration what the Goans wanted for themselves? Did he ask the Goans whether they would like to join the Indian union? Did he ask the Goans if they wanted to have their own independent Goa or if they wanted to be Portuguese? No without the consent of any of the Goans, the bullies invaded Goa and destroyed most of it without even facing any resistance, they destroyed Goa and its culture. Nehru did not even listen to Gandhi who tried to stop the invasion of Goa or the use of force against Goa. Mohandas Gandhi had requested Nehru not to invade Goa or use force against it.

Krishna Menon
It was due to this aristocrat Nehru that Pakistan was born and came into existence. Today this very Pakistan has good support from international communities including USA than India. Why? Today Pakistan too has nuclear weapons to counter India. But Goa has been suppressed in such a way that there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

After the invasion the Indian army started roaming in the villages of Goa, they started looting shops and other businesses. The Indian army started committing most atrocious crimes against the Goans; they started raping the Goan women, by entering their houses.

The politicians in Nehru and Menon had their say and to add to this some of our very 
Goans turned traitors and betrayed the Goan cause for an independent Goa. They joined the Indians and invited them to invade a peaceful Goa.

Goa was thus systematically destroyed and is continued till date the by the Indians. This bullying will continue and will not stop till the Goans form an united front to face the nuclear bully India.

The invasion of Goa was justified by the Indian rulers and won the 1962 election just because of this act of so called “Liberation” It was also supported by USSR, Liberia, Sri Lanka & Egypt against the remaining nations who were against the Indian Invasion and asked the Indian government to move the army back to the pre 17 December 1961 position. Those nations who supported Goa and Goans cause are USA, Great Britain, France, China, Ecuador, Chile and Turkey. But sadly the invasion took place and the Goans had no say in anything. Everything was forced upon the Goans by the Indians.

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