Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PROPHETS OF DOOM by Gerald Oliveira

If we respect democracy, freedom of expression and human rights, then nobody has the right to silence others.

The Soviet experience as a mighty power was unable to silence the prophets of independence of the states ruled by the then USSR. No nation can be created by use of force or by suppression. 

Was Goa really liberated ?

When East Bengal was liberated by Indian forces, Indian army withdrew from there and allowed the people to decide their own destiny. The same had not been done in the case of Goa. The fact is, that Goa was not liberated but annexed. Even the Supreme Court of India has accepted the fact that the former Portuguese Colonies in subcontinent of India, as conquered territories, just like  what happened later in the case of East Timor.

After Operation Vijay, there was no need to wait for 7 long years to have an Opinion Poll to decide the 'will of the people'. This was a trick played on Goans. The Opinion Poll should have been held immediately after driving the colonialist away, and to determine whether Goa wanted to join the Indian Union or remain a separate entity, but this was not permitted by the astute politicians from India even though Nehru as well as Gandhi wanted Goans to decide their own future.

If the intention of Indian leaders were genuine in freeing Goa and not an expansionist plan, then the would have granted atleast greater autonomy for Goa. What is the difference of Portuguese Colonial rule and the rule after Operation Vijay ? During the colonial rule, there were 4000 Portuguese controlling Goa in a population of 6 lakhs Goans. Today just after 50 years, the population of Goa has shot up to 14 lakhs (more than doubled) out of which nearly 7 lakhs are people from other States. Of all those employed in Goa both in the private as well as the public sector, 70% are from other States, and yet the Indian Goa government want to generate jobs. Is this a conspiracy to dilute the Goan identity, totally ?

Whether we like it or not, nobody can erase history, and those trying to do so for the benefit of one group to suppress another, then such forces are the real Prophets of Doom.

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