Friday, April 12, 2013

QUIT GOA By Agnelo Gomes, Combakar

Quit Goa is the message of Goa Nation in exile and from 65% majority of Goans of Goa who are left impoverished voiceless for the last 50 years of Goa's Invasion, Occupation and Annexation by the Indian Colonialist and Aggressor.

We the sincere peace loving people of Goa and abroad request Indian Government lower down its tri-color flag from our territories of Goa, Damao, e Diu. Give us the We Freed People of Goa the Liberty to unveil our own Goan Flag that extends eternal peace with the Nation India.

The Nation India formed of Group of States in 1947, in the company of about 10 freedom fighters of Goan Origin from India, along with many satayagra terrorists across India, with a slogan of hatred towards Goan people. Unprovoked, uncalled brutally invaded, pillaged, raped innocent Goan people with terror of mass destruction weapons raided our territories, and declared those are free countries now on.

The Nation India let me ask you a Question? How can Goa, Damao, e Diu are Free Nations. Where is their flag of the territory to represent as Free Nations? Where are they listed in the Charter of the United Nations of Free Countries. Show to us the Liberated People of Goa, we beg you to see our Freedom, that you Proudly claimed that Goans are finally Freed from colonialist ruler. You have hoisted your own tri-color flag instead against the wishes of people of Goan origin. How the Free People of the World would react to your unprovoked aggression?

Goan Freedom fighters did not represent 600000 people of Goa. Goan Nation existed before the Nation India existed.

Nation India you have been misguided by so called Freedom Fighters, we the intelligent, and sensitive people of Goa call for you, as a Democratic Nation of India, turn over Goa, Damao, Diu territories to the United Nations till we Group, and find a replacement of present corrupt various forms of Governments ruled Goa with communal wars in the name of you Jai Hind and recognizing Goa is an integral part of India. These parties BJP, Congress, etc came from your land they are corrupt, they have destroyed our Nation Goa. Kept our 65% People illiterate, hungry, poor and jobless. These parties in the name of Jai Hind bring down reputation of Democratic Nation of India, for their individual Benefits.

We will never Give up. We will reach there, if we work Freely with our open mind. The World and the United Nations will be always with Freedom Loving People of Goa.

Peace with you and Peace with the Nations of the World.

Message of from Goa Nation in Exile.

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