Wednesday, April 10, 2013


There were two groups of freedom fighters then one wanted Goa as an Independent Nation, the other wanted Goa to be integrated with India. While majority of Goan people the inhabitants of the land never complained about Portuguese administration. People were happy.

Today people are cheated, robbed, and no freedom of speech, even the vote is bought for a few bucks. There is no law and order. People are afraid to rise up against Indian occupation, because of presence of brutal Indian police force.

Nehru a traitor took advantage of disunited so called freedom fighters, and sucked Goa to entertain his dream of running Indian sub-continent by formation of various states and union territories.

Goa was self sufficient prior to Indian Occupation, we Goans cultivated our own fields of rice, maize, sweet potatoes, chillies, vegetables, toushins, cangas, chipuds, mellaos, zamblas, chunas and charanso, supares, omblins(mushrooms), etc. We raised in our own gardens mogrins, jaisos, san Antonio, ratri ranim, etc.

We were blessed with plenty of fish and coconut, caju, plantation.

My father was a Tarvotti during Portuguese era, he made his living as a waiter on P&O Company. So as my brother, and my nephew. They were educated but couldn't get a decent job to raise the family and sent their children to college. This is a typical story of every village in Goa, even now.

Our cyberfora has been so unfair for listening views of Indian occupation. Goanet and Goa Forum fired me as most of them born and raised in East Africa, Poona, and Bombay. They were long ago were Indianized in those countries and they wave Indian flag.

As fars as we Goans who were born and raised in Goa and whose parents lived in Goa for poor and riches during Portuguese era, we will never accept Indian Occupation upon our dead bodies.

We've nothing against Indian People, Indian government has no right to occupy our land. And those Goans would like to live with India, they should take a hike from our land.

We must get United Nation involved to hear our case that once an ill fated nation of Soviet Union during cold war era vetoed in the Security Council to allow occupy Indian Military over our sovereign territory of Goa, as opposed by NATO nations of USA, Britain, France, etc requested Indian Military to withdraw.

This is the fate of my motherland Goa, its beloved son cries from a distance to gain support from Goans in Goa and all over the world, that we have a real Goan Cause to liberate our motherland that has lost its charm, and moral values, getting robbed by our own goons and Indian deputies, they have become crore potties from rags, while most of Goans grazed to below poverty level since 1961 and no law and order can question them, as the goons our immune to law and order. Since no law and order enforced upon them. When was last these Goons were audited by an Independent Accounting agency of Revenue System?

Our motherland Goa says don't cry for me now, it's late I'm finished my rivers are filled with sewage, my beaches are ruined by too many hotels without sewage treatment, my own daughter pee over me in Modkem Bazaar illegally called Gandhi Market in Margao, many of my children abandoned me they now live abroad, and many are leaving every day as they cannot find a decent job. I'm finished, I'm  totally Indianized, too many non-Goans migrated on my land, too many illegal construction on my tiny territory for a quick buck. My land is sold for too many non-Goans.

Don't you worry my motherland Goa? You've given birth to some of your children, who are loyal to you they will look after you. It's matter of time we'll rescue you from agony.

Viva Goa and Nation of Goa in exile. Long live Goan flag.

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