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IS INDIA AN ANCIENT COUNTRY ? By Franco Fernandes, Chorão

“INDIA" was used by some foreigners to further encompass much of South Asia, as a Geographic term having no Religious or National meaning.

“INDIA” Does not have its own single Race, Language, Culture, History Like England, Iran or Japan which indicates a Nation.

Not a single South Asian text/inscription (Vedic, Buddhist, Brahmanic, Dravidic, etc.) mentions any word "INDIA".

The bottom line is that the term/word "INDIA" is foreign (for their own references), and had no Religious or National meaning. It was no different than how the words "Africa", "Asia" and "America" are used i.e. foreign Geographic terms encompassing many different Peoples and Religions.

According to (Hindi Speaking) Hindian Government Propaganda "India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world"

“India has never invaded another country in the 10000 years of its history”

"India was the richest country on earth until the time of British invasion in the early 17th Century."

More Jokes on Indian History can be found here

Saying that India is an ancient country is like saying Europe, Africa, Asia is an ancient country or Asia, Africa, Europe never Invaded any other country.

Asia, Africa, Europe are Continents and India is a Subcontinent.

INDIA is a Geography term which includes the Indian Peninsular, Indian Subcontinent and Indian Ocean. Today much of Indian Subcontinent is under control of Hindian Government. The Hindians have now renamed Indian Ocean into Hind Mahasagar, so does it mean all islands in the Indian Ocean belongs to Hindians ?

What we say “History of India” is not History of Modern day “Republic of India” but History of  “Indian Subcontinent”.

Today the History of the Indian Subcontinent is Manipulated and Distorted by Hindian Government

Below are the List of past Civilizations, Kingdoms, Dynasties, Empires, in the Modern day Indian Subcontinent.

Mahajanapadas, Indus Harappa Civilization, Gandhara Kingdom, Magadha Kingdom, Nanda kingdom, Maurya Empire, Sunga kingdom, Kanva kingdom, Kharavela kingdom, Kuninda Kingdom, Indo Scythian Kingdom, Chera dynasty, Pandyan Kingdom, Chola kingdom which spread to Malaya, Indonesia, Ceylon. Satavahana kingdom, Paurava Kingdom, Indo-Greek Kingdom, Indo-Parthian Kingdom, Western Satraps, Kushan kingdom, Indo-Sassanid Kingdom, Kalabhras Kingdom, Gupta Empire, Pallava dynasty, Kadamba Dynasty, Western Ganga Dynasty, Vishnukundina, Huna Kingdom, Chalukya dynasty, Harsha Empire, Eastern Chalukyas dynasty, Pratihara kingdom, Pala kingdom, Rashtrakuta Dynasty, Paramara dynasty, Yadava Kingdom, Solanki Empire, Western Chalukya kingdom, Hoysala kingdom, Sena dynasty, Eastern Ganga dynasty, Kakatiya dynasty, Kalachuri Empire, Muslim Sultanates, Delhi Sultanate, Ahom Kingdom, Vijayanagara kingdom, Kingdom of Mysore, Madurai Nayak kingdom, Thanjavur Nayak kingdom, Portuguese Empire, French Empire, Maratha kingdom, British Empire, Nizam dynasty, Durrani Empire, Sikh Empire, Mughal Empire, etc.

Pre-1947 there were Sovereign Nations with their symbolized Flags in the Indian Subcontinent today known as Former Princely States. Click the link Below and know the Truth.

Where is the Country called  India that spans from the “Indus to Burma” “Kashmir to Kanyakumari” Can someone Please Help ? All I can find is these Kingdoms, Civilizations, Dynasties, Empires, Races, Cultures that had existed and constantly fought amongst each other in the Modern day Indian Subcontinent.

On August 1947 two British Dominions were born in the Indian Subcontinent i.e Pakistan and Indian Union. The Indian Union was dominated by Hindi Politicians. The Hindian Politicians took the name of the Indian Subcontinent i.e ‘INDIA’ and told other nations in the Indian Subcontinent they should join Mother India. Sardar Vallabai Patel played an important role in requesting other nations in the Indian Subcontinent to join the Indian Union. Nations  who refused to join Indian Union were economical Blocked from the rest of the Indian Subcontinent. Other Self Sufficient Nations like Bantva Manavadar 1947, Hyderabad 1948, Kashmir 1948, Junagad 1947, Sikkim 1975, Goa 1961, Nagaland 1954 , Manipur & Tripura 1949, Laccadive, Minicoy & Amindivi Islands 1956 were Invaded and Annexed with the help of Indian Army the Heir of British Indian Army.

A country born from British Empire on 15th August 1947 and later swallowing other sovereign Nations in the Indian Subcontinent with the help of Indian Army today fools and Brainwashes the various Nationalities in the Indian Subcontinent that India is an ancient country. Schools Books, Movies, Television, Radio, Wikipedia, Internet and every public forum is used to brainwash the public with this idea.

According to Hindian Propaganda “When many cultures were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago, Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley (Indus Valley Civilization) “

In 1924 an ancient Civilization was discovered by Archaeologist John Marshall. It was the Indus Civilization. Until 1923 the World had no Knowledge about Indus Civilization. Indus Civilization encompassed most of Modern day Pakistan and Miniscule part of Northern India. The Indus Valley Civilization is named after Pakistan’s mighty Indus River. According to Hindian Propaganda Indians Established the Ancient Indus Valley Civilization and the name India is derived from Indus but the word ‘INDIA’ came into existence in 17th Century and Indus Civilization was not known to the world until 1923, so how can Indus Civilization be Indian?

Not a single Hindu idol/deity/temple has been excavated at Indus sites. Plus evidence shows that Harappans ate beef and buried their dead.

And on beef as a common aspect of Harappan diet, Dr. Kamal Lodaya states "Meat was an important part of Harappan diet which included beef, mutton, fowl, fish, and other animals."

This is what the renowned historian John Keay states on the religion of Harappans: "The religion of Harappans is unknown. No site has certainly been identified as a temple and most suppositions about sacrificial fires, cult objects and deities rest on doubtful retrospective references from Hindu practices of many centuries later. Such inferences may be as futile as, say, looking to Islamic astronomy for an explanation of the orientation of the pyramids. In short, these theories are all fanciful and do not bear scrutiny. 

Much of Indus Civilization is  in Modern Day Pakistan, so Should Pakistan also declare its an Ancient country?

For Example : Suppose if an Archaeologist discovers fossils of the First Hominid in Modern day India, so it means all living Apes and Humans on Earth are Indians ?

Indians today believe they invented Zero. Maybe Aryabhatta invented Zero but he was not an Indian Citizen who invented zero. He had been living in Gupta Era between 476 -550 BC. Gupta Empire also consists of Modern day Pakistan, Nepal,  Bangladesh, so should those countries also claim that they invented Zero ?

Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire in 334 BC not the Islamic Republic of Iran. Alexander the Great had never heard the word ‘INDIA’ in his Lifetime or step his Foot in Modern day India but Indians believe that Alexander the Great conquered India. The right History is Alexander the Great conquered Paurava Kingdom of King Porus which is in Modern day Pakistan. So Alexander the Great Conquered Pakistan ?

If suppose India Invades and annex China and forces Chinese People to adopt Indian Citizenship, so it means Indians built the Great Wall of China?

Indians never used words like Maurya, Paurava, Sunga, Gupta etc in History books. Indians applies the word ‘Indian’ in those places in History to prove that India is an Ancient Country or Equate those Civilizations, Empires and Kingdoms with the word India and this is how Hindian Propaganda works that India is an Ancient Country.

The Political entity today known as ‘Republic  of India’ which today controls the most of the Indian Subcontinent is not a Remnant, Heir or Successor of Indus Civilization, Maurya Empire, Paurava Kingdom, Gupta Empire, Maratha empire etc. The Republic of India is a Heir of British India.

Just because today a country is named "South Africa" it does not mean it can claim the heritage of all southern African Countries.  Just because China was mostly Buddhist it does not mean that Chinese civilization is part of Indian heritage. Just because once Syria and Spain were briefly united under the ancient Romans and Arabs it does not mean Syria's heritage belongs to Spain.

It is no wonder there are many Separatist Movements in India, having many distinct nations, races, languages, cultures, religions, histories, etc. A Tamil  is racially as different from a Kashmiri as is an Ethiopian from an Italian. A Naga is culturally as different from a Bihari as is a Chinese  from a Argentinian. A Gujarati is linguistically as different from an Andhra (Telugu) as is a German from an Arab. Such extreme differences are common place among the so called Indians with barely any unifying factors.

In 1954 in The Hague, Indians accused Portugal of stealing Goa, Dadrá e Nagar-Haveli,  Damão e Diu from Indian Union, Portugal replied “When the Portuguese first arrived in the Subcontinent there was no such thing called ‘INDIA”.

If India was an Ancient Country then Goan Hindus would probably Invite the Indians to Liberate them from Adilshah in 1510 and not Portuguese Admiral Afonso de Alburquerque.

If suppose India changes its name to "ASIA", can Indians  claim the history of Asia ? or Invade or Annex Asian Countries ?

Where was the Indian Army when the Aryans, Persians, Macedonians, Arabs, Portuguese, Timur, British, French, Turks, etc arrived in what we know today as India ?

Here is what the World and Indians say about  “INDIA”

John Keays - "Partition would have a way of dividing the subcontinent's spoils with scant reference to history. No tussle over the word `India' is reported  because Jinnah preferred the newly coined and very Islamic-sounding  acronym that is `Pakistan'. Additionally, he was under the impression  that neither state would want to adopt the British title of `India'. He only discovered his mistake after Lord Mountbatten, the last British viceroy, had already acceded to Nehru's demand that his state remain `India'. Jinnah, according to Mountbatten, `was absolutely furious when he found out that they (Nehru and the Congress Party) were going to call themselves India'. The use of the word implied a subcontinental primacy which Pakistan would never accept. The reservations about the word `India', which had convinced Jinnah that neither side would use it, stemmed from its historical currency amongst outsiders, especially outsiders who had designs on the place.”

Rabindranath Tagore  - “India is constituted of various nations enclosed in a geographical receptacle”. Reference – Nationalism.

Vasco Garin - “Is the Indian Union the same thing as the Indian Subcontinent ? Certainly not, as even a school boy knows” Reference – UN Security Council.

Krishna Menon “India as a country or region has a history of 7000 years, as a nation it came to birth 15 years ago” Reference - Times of India.

Winston Churchill "India is an abstraction.... India is no more a political personality than Europe. India is a geographical term. It is no more a united nation than the Equator"

Jayaprakash Narayan “ We were never a nation in the modern sense of the term till the experience of the British rule “.

Jawaharlal Nehru “ The English gave political unity to India “ Reference - Union of India – Nehru.

Karl Heinrich Marx “ The Indian society does not have any history or at least, no known history. What we call its history is nothing but the story of  succession of intruders who established their empires on the passive base of this restless and unchanging society “. “ The political unity of India, which was consolidated and broadened more than ever before during the rule of the Great Moghuls was the first condition of its regeneration. That unity imposed by the British sword will now be strengthened  and perpetuated by the telegraph”  Reference - Marx & Engels.

Thanjai Nalankilli The British conquered the various kingdoms in the Indian subcontinent one by one. Then, for ease of administering (ruling) the conquered territories, the British set up an administrative unit called India. A country or administrative unit called India (or by any other name), comprising of the current territories of India, never existed in all known history, before the British conquest and consolidation. “ Reference – Tamil Tribune

Jogendra Singh - “those who gradually built up the British empire in India discovered instinctively the secret of how to unify India” and then he points out the way how they themselves set her ( India )” on the path to nationhood”.

Salazar - "The extension of Indian sovereignty to include Goa is not a prospect opened up by, or an anticipation of, the evolution of history; it is a political goal which India's present leaders suppose its their duty to achieve in order to fulfill their mission...It is always historical facts, and not geographical outline, that fix frontiers, institute rights and impose sovereignties....For the Indian Union to claim to turn the clock of history back to the 15th  century, to come forward now and make out that she already existed potentially at that time, or to set herself up as the rightful heir of those whom we found holding sway there, is a fancy of static dreamers; it is not for the dynamic shapers of history that the men who received an empire from England want to be". Reference – Portuguese National Assembly, November 30, 1954.

Lalitha Krishnan Nair – “The point I am making is that "INDIA" has become synonymous with "North India" and South India is considered an appendage to the "real India" (that is North India or, more specifically, North-Central India). I am not blaming anyone for it because it is the history, it is the reality. South India has never been part of any of the North Indian empires of the Guptas or Moghuls or other northern dynasties (north-central dynasties). Only during the British rule, north and south were brought together for any amount of time into a single political entity. We should accept it. Instead of trying to build an artificial "Indian Union" under Hindian domination (North-Central domination) we should accept the reality and either set up a loose federal setup like Switzerland or break it into its natural constituencies such as Kerala (I am a Keralite), Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Assam, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, Gujarat, etc.” Reference – Tamil Tribune.

S.R. Seeley former Professor at the University of Cambridge. “ The name ‘INDIA‘ he says should not be classified with France or England which indicate nations but rather as the word Europe designating a group of nations which acquired by chance a common name for having been a common land physically separated from the rest of the continent. The word ‘ India ‘ as a word, is only a geographic expression and even as such was not so often used than this last one “.

And after studious analysis of India’s diverse phases S.R Seeley concludes that

1st- ‘India’ is not a political expression but simply a geographic expression like Europe or Africa.

2nd - that India was not ever really united in a manner as to form one State except under British rule. Reference - S.R.Seeley. The greatness of England ).

From this it follows, evidently that there was no such nation called INDIA.

We Goans are Indians like Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Nepalis, Bhutanese, Sinhalese because we hail from Indian Subcontinent.

We Goans are Asians like Japanese, Arabs, Chinese that doesnt mean any Political Entity Asian Union or Republic of Asia Invades Goa and imposed their Culture, Language, Nationality etc on Goans.

Proud to be a Goan.

Save Goa from Hindians.

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