Monday, April 22, 2013


Under the current occupational Government, the Freedom-Fighters are revered by the Republic of India’s–puppet–Government of Gôa. The Freedom-fighters are those of the many Goans who went Bombay and developed a freedom movement there. During that time, the Indian Union/Republic was fighting its own freedom battle with Britain. Allies were to be found with similar causes. A number of Goans were brave enough to oppose the Portuguese in Gôa. They found themselves promptly incarcerated.Not all those who were incarcerated in Goan or Portuguese jails were Freedom-Fighters. Many were in these jails for criminal acts such as robbery, crimes Etc, but some of these (like the Mariel refugees from Cuba) slipped into the ranks of the Freedom-Fighters.

After the phony liberation of Gôa, most convicts in jails took the benefits by calling themselves Freedom-Fighters and fooled Goan media and people. Many of the criminals got success and exited from jails and joined ‘Violent’ liberation movements as leaders. They looted, raped and killed innocent people of Gôa.

In 1961, Gôa got its fake Independence from the Portuguese by the Indian Government’s military insurgence. But, till date, it’s sad to know that the Indian Government still recognizes these ‘Terrorists’ as ‘Freedom-Fighters’ but, who in reality are actually convicts. Today, most of the Freedom-Fighters have reached their prime age, but it shall be noted that these same convicts under the current occupational government (Indian Union’s/Republic’s Govt.) were granted topmost job’s, plot’s, house’s, publicity &  pension’s.

The Portuguese Government in Gôa did have a record of these criminals committing mutinous crimes with Goan Citizens in the name of Liberation. If the truth has to come out, then the Gôa fake Liberation history requires amendments, and half of these criminals and Terrorist’s a.k.a Freedom-Fighters shall be obliterated from History.

If at all there are or were any ‘Freedom-Fighters’, it is just an eye-wash. For, the Indian Army conquered Gôa with no help from them. In jest, some are called ‘sustenance’ fighters. In the Portuguese régime and even the many Goan’s who lived during those days considered these so-called Freedom-Fighters, who consisted mainly Non-Goan’s and many Indian’s, were known as ‘Terrorists’. And, Freedom-Fighters being non-locals, many had no interest to spill their blood for this land; they were in quest of material gains.

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