Thursday, April 11, 2013


Mogal Goenkaranoo

Today, the 19 December 2012, the intruder with the help of FREEDOM FIGHTERS (FF) to Goa completes 51 years of DECEPTION, MANIPULATION, CORRUPTION etc all.  The alliterations can go on!.

Many in Goa will celebrate today the So called LIBERATION DAY - A FIGMENT OF THEIR IMAGINATION. What is the meaning of Liberation? can one of us answer in a paragraph or two - were we in bondage from 1510 to 1961? Whatever you decide to answer, can you support it with a paragraph or two not more than 225 words for your reasoning?

It is appalling that people have been marching on this day to celebrate the LIBERATION by India under the myopic leadership of Pandit Jawarlal Nehru (PJN) who was the cause of the Invasion of Goa.  He did this only to make him look good as his popularity was plummeting; and in order to jack up his image he with the support of Goans living in Bombay (GLB -Mumbai now) iInvaded Goa.  Laura from Mumbai sat in the helicopter announcing to Goans that they should run into open air without warning to take food and water.

The mole within was soon identified that the Goans living in Bombay( GLB) were the traitors.

Unfortunately, the baby boomers then were unable to see the light and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was convinced that Goans were either butlers and/or waiters i.e. he might have met a good Goan serving him when he travelled by ship.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's knowledge of Goa was zilch! - when we asked for self rule, he turns back and says "Goa ka loj ajeeb hai" which completely displayed his ignorance and was selfish and the cause of the downfall of Amchem Goen.

On the second day of the Invasion i.e. 20 December 2012, there were processions through our village chanting "Amchem Goen amcam zaiveh" and just to appease the Goans Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru promised something from the place where the sun does not shine.

Goa our motherland has been slapped, rapped and squeezed like a lemon with very little juice left and corruption is looking forward to increase their till at the cost of Goans.  Many Goans have left Goa in droves and therefore Goa has lost their sons and daughters through the exodus to countries where the grass is green.  The grass in Goa is being excavated for foundation of buildings, resorts, mining and all sorts of reasons.  The coffers are full with surplus money in the Swiss Banks. I am not going to take a punt and blame specifically any party because all parties come out and talk what people want to hear and not what conscience has to say.

There are two types of Goans overseas - one wanting to return to Goa if all the corruption has been removed and the second one is to have law and order (without taking bribes) as well as top hospitals to genuinely care for people of Goa.

The only thing that India can boast of their achievements in Goa was the introduction of electricity and telephone.  One does not leave on bread alone.....

Let us all join together in solidarity and march with whatever flags we think will send the message loud and clear.  In the meantime, we need to send a petition to the Gandhi dynasty who are the cause of the downfall of Goans. The Goans should also take into account where we went and still going WRONG and as a New Year's resolution we need to get rid of knee jerk reaction, cease being a pathological fairy tale narrators work for the benefit of Goa and our Children not for selfish reasons and above all get rid of jealousy and and knee jerk reactions which unfortunately fall in the ambit of our weaknesses of which we need to seriously contemplate and celebrate the annual celebration of our God who comes in human form.

Other two important vices that we need to eradicate ourselves from, is to portray that we are capable of taking on the world while ceasing gossip and cleaning of dirty linen in public which seem to be our hobby.  We also need to remind ourselves that we are given two ears to listen more, two eyes to see more and one tongue (without a bone) to speak when appropriate.  We do not need bobardo/s and bobardem!

Viva Goa and Viva Portugal.

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