Thursday, April 11, 2013


During 450 years under Portuguese rule, Goa retained systemic order in its grass-root mini-republics dating from Vedic times which died out elsewhere in the Indian subcontinent but prospered in Goa. 

Till the conquest and subjugation of Goa (words used by the Supreme Court of India) in the landmark judgement referred to earlier on the same issue, there was an ongoing devolution of power to the locals to the extent that before the Indian army marched into Goa, Damao and Diu, the judiciary was 100 per cent Goan and the civil administration and the police were 99 per cent Goan. There was even talk of a Goan Governor General in the person of Dr Armando Goncalves Pereira. 

Today there is a visible evolution towards the de-Goanisation of Goa. Heads of administrative departments are no longer Goans, and neither are the judiciary and the police under Goan direction or exclusively Goan. The day can indeed be visualised when the Goa legislature will be non-Goan dominated, and when the Goans are reduced to a minority.

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