Sunday, April 14, 2013


Erlich Pinto belongs to the Pinto-Rosario family from Porvorim. During Portuguese Administration it was easy for Goans to visit Portuguese Installations. Erlich Pinto of the Indian Union Airforce was send by Indian Union on a spying visit to Goa few Months before the Invasion of Goa.
According to Agnelo Gracias, the criminal Erlich Pinto asked the Governor of Goa Manuel Vassalo e Silva for permission to visit his ailing mother in Goa. Goan bureaucrats requested the Governor Manuel Vassalo e Silva to decline. However, some influential persons pressurised the Governor Manuel Vassalo e Silva and he permitted. The criminal Erlich Pinto then spied around Goa and on the basis of the information he gathered he flew in solo into Goa which had no Portuguese defence aircraft and no Portuguese anti aircraft weapons, and he attacked the Goan National Radio, Emissora de Goa, murdering Goan civilians who were operating the station.
Unfortunately, the terrorist Erlich Pinto was killed in a helicopter crash while conducting criminal actions in Indian Occupied Kashmir...
His brother, a Fausto Pinto lives in Bandra, Bombay.

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