Friday, April 12, 2013

LIBERATE GOA ? by A. Veronica Fernandes

“I come from the great country that produced great epic Ramayana & Mahabarata and gave to the World the game of Chess”, said with pride Dr. Francis Luis Gomes a Goan patriot and parliamentarian. Communicating with Lamartine and also with Portuguese and other European leaders Dr. Gomes said “I am asking freedom not only for my Goa but also for entire India from the foreign domination”. “Freedom is my birthright and I shall fight for It”, said Lokhmanaya Tilak. Many times for hungry persons bread is more important than freedom and for this reason he will even undergone any sort of human degradation and humiliations. Many times when one overcomes his  hunger he then goes for something more. To overcome the basic poverty the proletariat and Bolshevics massacred Czarists. After 80 years of having well fed the proletariat overthrew their regimes to go for something more. There is a saying in Konkani “Pott bhorlem mhonttoguch ghann ghalta khuim xinvnni”. During the first Monsoon heavy shower of rain as we call in Konkani “ounr” we see sudden appearance of fish especially near the hillside called “dongri Tigur” – we say in Konkani “Tigur choddlea”. Yes, due to sudden invention and development of Cyberspace Technology, suddenly we see innumerable Goans from all around the Globe showing their Goanness. It is a very good sign to see them thus but what is disturbing and surprising me is this that these very same Goans who are showing their identities and that too in support of Goa were nowhere a few years back when Goa needed them and their contribution and open support for the liberation of Konkani (soul of Goa) from Marathi (curse on Goa); these Goans in diaspora at that time were nowhere in existence to liberate Goa from the merger of Maharastra. To help liberate Konkani from Marathivadis and Goa from Maharastrawadis domination was the least one patriotic Goan could do. Anyway, better late than never and it is a good sign that these people are awakened for the cause of Goa. But I only hope it will not be the case of “Dongri Tigur” whose appearance is only seasonal.

I contacted many freedom fighters who told me that they never wished annexation of Goa by Bharat but since they had no choice they had to agree to the intervention of Bharat to liberate Goa. Something is better than nothing. A few years back during my vacation in Goa when I had a discussion at Ranjel’s place, at Bastora, I told Prof. James Fernandes a great freedom fighter from Assonora that “you freedom fighters have failed us and Goa, hence you better once again fight for the liberation of Goa which is not complete”. Prof. James had no answer but to agree that things did not work as they wanted. The late Morarjee Desai who was Prime Minister of India during Janata rule in India when he was one of the leading personalities of ruling Congress of Nehru in fact opposed sending Indian Millitary to Goa to evict Portuguese. After the independence of India some Goan nationalists went to Ghandiji asking his help and advice on liberation of Goa. While answering them, Ghandiji said “you want liberation for your Goa from whom? From Portuguese from Portugal or from Portuguese from Delhi? Today you are ruled by the Portuguese from Portugal but once you are liberated I am afraid you may be ruled by other Portuguese from Delhi”. This shows that even the father of the nation Ghandiji was against Bharat annexing Goa as also Morarjee Desai was, yet nobody doubted their Indianness. I also wanted Portuguese rule to go from Goa but not replaced by corrupt rule from Bharat that is ruled by currupt politicians. The well-known Goan freedom fighter the late J.M. Desousa on the eve of Goa’s liberation courted arrest by defying the Portuguese troops and after the liberation he travelled all over Goa with his “Pempre” in favour of the action of Bharat in annexing Goa. But the same idiot freedom fighter when Portuguese Foreign Minister Mario Soares came to Goa from Delhi where he signed Goa’s ascension accord to India went on “hartal” and questioned the prerogative of Mario Soares to sign that particular document. Mr. Desouza even said that Goa belongs to Goans and they only have the right to decide their fate and not the accord between Indian Government and Mario Soares. Many of our elders who witnessed the dirty administration and dirty political life in Goa after 1961 have died by cursing and cursing Bharat, Nehru and more Krishna Menon. I remember in my village some elders named their “Dukor” after Menon, some named their Dogs after Nehru, so much they were disgusted with the dirty life in the liberated Goa. Many ignorant Goa lover Goans felt that Portuguese will return to Goa but this notion remained only a dream. “Bharat Serkar” is firmly established in Goa and none can evict it from our soil, however much you and me may wish to evict it from Goa. This is  hard fact. Leave aside independent and second liberation of Goa, Goa will not even get autonomy because our earlier leaders have failed in their mission.
Nehru was a cheat and he died as a cheat only. Soon after Bharati Troops entered Goan soil, Salazar called Nehru “Bokddeacho Tondacho” because he spoke two languages – one of aggression/annexation of Goa and the other of Ghandian Non-Violence. (I would rightly call him Malundachea Tondancho). Hindi Chini Bhai-Bhai slogan suggested settlement of bilateral conflicts with peaceful means but once Goa was forcibly annexed by Bharat, Cheu-En-Lai said “go to hell with your Hindi – Chini Bhai-Bhai slogan” and used the same method to annex Indian land as Nehru used to annex Goa. Nehru’s daughter Indira Ghandi was worst than Hitler, good that she was assassinated otherwise Goa would never get Statehood and Konkani would never become the official language of Goa. The attitude of Indira’s Congress was to put things into “lovtek”.

It is a fact that many devoted Goans feel sorry for the pitiable state of  affairs of our Goa under the present Goan leaders who are all Goans, they are not come from Ghanttar. Goa is ruined by the present political leaders who are sons of the soil.They have nicely mastered this dirty art from their seniors in Delhi and Maharastra. We need good social workers to awaken the public conscience against these crook rulers. Ghandhiji once said “India need good social workers and not politicial workers”. Our leaders in Goa think only by absorbing politicial power they can work for the betterment of Goa. I do not agree with it. Even on the prevailing social workers I have my own doubt. Most of the current crook political leaders of Goa started their career as social workers but once acquired political firmness they turned out to be the worst traitors of Goa. It is true that India is passing a very bad phase of political life and I will not be surprised to see if India is balconised like Soviet Russia and Yugoslavia. Who ever thought such a mighty Atomic and industrial power Russia would disintegrate in 1991? Our regional leaders are paving the way towards the balconisation of India and if by chance this phase appears in India, Goa would never be in the hands of genuine Goans but it will go into the hands of non-genuine Goans whose roots are in Ghanttar, Kerala, Madras, Gujarat, Delhi and other places of India. The few expatriate Goans who call themselves patriotic Goans I admire their love and sentiments for Goa but their voice is not heard beyond this forum. They have not done any attempt to air their voice beyond this forum, they have not exposed their views to the world. If one has to acquire something one has to be forceful in his views. After the  liberation of Goa some of the Goans, especially residing in Portugal, holding Portuguese Passports and not wishing Bharati rule in Goa not even formed Government in exile. And as a matter of fact how long this voice of few will be heard even on this forum? As long as these people are fit and alive, after that I am sure their children will say “I care a hoot to what my daddy or uncle was campaigning”. For the new generation and the generation that is going to come “Maka poddlam mojem, Goem ani Goychi Bhas amkam jevunk dita?”. Those children who do not love the language of their father and mother these children will never love their parents, those children who do not love their parents they will never love the land of their parents, those children who do not love the land of their parents they will never love the homes of their parents and what can one expect from these children and this generation? Independent Goa and Liberation of Goa will be heard on this forum only for a short period. The militant and vociferous campaing for Khalistan is already gone into history.

For those who are interested in well being of Goa and dreaming of attaining liberation for Goa from Bharat must first liberate themselves from the foreign Passports they are holding, they must try to purchase land from Goa as much as they can so that this identity of Goa will remain with Goans only wherever they may be, they must try to inculcate the love of Goa into the minds of their children – do not over westernize them because artificial westernization breeds contempt for Goanisation, they must purchase their “Ghor & Bhatt” from their Bhattkars, they must come to Goa and check and put all their land & house records into proper order so that their “Ghor ani Bhatt” are not hijacked by others as it was rampantly done with the help of MGP rule in Goa, they must protect their ancestral houses and properties. If necessary they must join together and collect among them a sufficient fund to purchase Goan lands. Besides this, there are number of ways to protect Goa. For example one English and one Marathi Daily Newspapers during the 15 years of MGP rule destroyed Goa. Can we have our own independent Daily to support our views in support of Goa’s identity more forcefully? With the help of media in its hands, about 10% Jews in USA control 90 % of Americans thinking. Soon after the liberation of Goa at least our Church should have come forward to start one independent Daily to protect our interest. Because we do not have this weapon in our hands we had to be at the mercy of our enemies and opponents. Can we do something on this matter? Outsiders are dominating Goans, they have to be silenced. We do not want Sena from Maharastra to protect Goa, if necessary we must help to create independent Goa Sena. The tenants who got our Flats and houses on rent are now refusing to vacate them. Can we liberate ourselves from these dadagiri? Can we the shouting liberators of Goa utilize our money power to silence the muscle power of non-Goans and antiGoans in Goa? We Kuwaitkars helped to use our money power to liberate Goa from the clutches of Marathi and domination of Maharastrawadis. Can you patriotic Goans from the West having stronger financial power do something on this?

I love my Goa, I love my Goan language Konkani, I love my Goan Culture, Folklore, Tradition and so many things. All these are on way to extinction if nothing is done immediately. Let us for example talk of independent Goa. But is it possible in reality? Let us for example support the callers of independent Goa. But what is the quality, background and other details of those who are giving the calls for the liberation of Goa from Bharat? How strong are these people to fight for this cause? What have they done in the past to give confidence to others to follow them? Recently Goa Day functions held in many parts of the world. What decisions they have taken to support Goa and Goan causes? What resolutions they have passed in support of Goa? Eating Sorpotel, Singing a Mando with Dulpod, Offering a Mass, giving speeches eulogizing Goa, singing Magnos Song and ending Goa Day functions with Ball Room Dances will not save Goa. Goa is getting deGoanised. Something more has to be done. Otherwise Goa Day “ghal dobean”. I only hope nowhere else Goa Day was used to use “Pozoddpon by pozzdde Goykar, I only hope nowhere else Goa Day was used for “Bebdepon” by the Bebde Goykars, I only hope nowhere else “Rostadpon” was displayed by the Rostad Goykars to disgrace Goan image. It is useless keeping Goa alive in foreign countries and allowing its neglect in Goa. The concept of Goa Day is very good but out of this something good must come for Goa and Goan causes in Goa and elsewhere. Do all the people involved in Goa Day celebration especially the main organizers have protected their houses and properties in Goa or they sold them to non & antiGoans? Those Goans who neglect Goa and Goan causes are the enemies of Goa and as such they have no right even to think of Goa leave aside liberating Goa.

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