Friday, April 12, 2013


Senhor Alexandrinho Francisco Pires known as Bushinho was born and raised in Ponda, and finally settled in Margão. He was a able bodied soldier in Portuguese Tropa, fought against the Indian brutal military invasion force in 1961. Later he was apprehended and put into prison by the Indian Military. He was forced to surrender as Indian that he refused, and chose to go to Indian Prison instead. He was a daring Goan, always proud of his motherland Goa, fluent speaking in Portuguese and Konkani, and determined to say that he was a Goan and not an Indian until his death. He was a proud Roman Catholic, he was sad always in his heart that the Occupation of Goa was the last thing he ever thought would happen to Goa. He died as a Proud poor man in his police quarters, although he enjoyed very good life during Portuguese regime.

He was my very good father-in-law something that I'll always cherish. He offered his daughter's hand to marry me 24 years ago, in spite of my financial hardship while I was struggling in Goa to make my ends meet, as a freedom fighter to drive Indians out of my occupied land, and then having fought for many good Goan Causes as the Leader of organized Labor Union in Sancoale, Goa, then in 1970. I had nothing to offer his daughter, as I was poor myself except with good background in technical education, and plenty of love for all my Goans.

I was really proud of him, because at the time of less prospective bachelorhood in me, looking for the right girl to marry, he was there for me bold and confident about myself, so sure as if, I were a right man for his daughter, on the other hand I was not sure if I had any prospects of high expectation in my pocket to offer a modest security to his girl, after having learnt that many parents had second thought of myself being to much outspoken, and afraid that I might end up in serving time in some isolated places, because of my strong view points, on various matters affecting my motherland. It sounds funny, but it was true those days in Goa and even now matter of fact. Good people always finish last, as they say. And he took a great chance on me. It worked out alright though, for both of us.

Senhor Alexandrinho Francisco Pires passed away on January 31st 2004, at his residence 16th Montepio Police Quarters located on former Loyola ground, Comba Margão, Goa. He died after suffering from intestine cancer, he was 73 years old.

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