Sunday, April 14, 2013


A friend and compatriot, Senhor Agnelo Gracias, has kindly given me the book,Nehru's Aggression Condemned by the Goan Freedom Movement, 1964. This book has moved me so much and strengthened immensely my resolve to secure truth and justice for Goa, that I have sat down and transcribed, over several days, the entire 170 page book.

Mr. Gracias also provided me with another book, Goan Petitioners In The UN, and with several newspaper cuttings, besides his notes from an official briefing given by the Government of Goa in 1955 on the acts of terrorism committed against Goa by the agents of the Indian Union.

In transcribing the book, I have remained faithful to the text for the most part, except for a few editorial corrections which I could not resist. The most significant change that I have made is to replace in most places, the English and Indian form of the name of one of the Goan territories, Diu, with the Portuguese name, Dio.

Turning to Goa, one is more amazed, not over Nehru's constantly aggressive brazen chicanery and hypocrisy, but over the Salazarists and Goan social leadership's failure to counter his intrusive, offensive pretensions of rights over Goa, right from even before 1947, but certainly and officially from 1947.

It was this failure, a failure that extended to the failure to take the urgently necessary pre-emptive measures of militarizing the Goan population, of broadening and popularising the Counter-Revolution, and even more, that of going on the military pre-emptive counter-offensive against the Gargataum Amalecites of the Indian Union, that tragically subverted us in the face of the constant verbal, ideological, intellectual, propagandic, etc., aggression and barrage of unprovoked and unwarranted intrusion and invasion from the Indian Union and its behind-the-scene masters and comrades the premier Freemasonic institution established to subvert and pervert mankind, the United Nations; their military organisations such as NATO

On the contrary, lulled by its complacency and delusion of invincibility and grandeur, the Salazarist Regime permitted itself and the Portuguese Commonwealth to be lead by the nose up the Garden Path, to the slaughter house of the UN, where the Freemasonic butchers gleefully fell upon it and dismembered the Portuguese Commonwealth, severing Goa, and perpetrating monstrousities on the constituent peoples, Goans and others.

Even when Salazar saw all this mischief being done in broad daylight, and with the open sight of the Amalecites, the Indian Union and its comrades, sharpening their butchers' knives to dismember the Portuguese Commonwealth, by enacting the infamous, immoral and hypocritical "Resolutions 1514, 1541 & 1542" among other measures, Salazar did not pull out of the UN and of NATO but allowed himself to remain, until the enemy were strong enough to fructify their malice!

We know the results of Salazar's follies. We Goans have personally seen the results — The Rape of Goa by the Amalecites under the monstrous beast Nehru!

It is apparent that Salazarist censorship stiffled Goan society and more especially the Goan press. If the Goan press had been free, it would have stirred up Goan society in the same jingoistic manner as the lying anti-Goan propaganda of the Indian press, and thus mobilized Goans to fight for their motherland!

In my writings, I have had occasion to counter the long reiterated lies of the Hindus against the Portuguese Conquest of Goa, the Evangelization of Goa, and the expulsion of the Hindus from Goa. It would take too much time and space to repeat my counterarguments here, but I still need to repeat them in precis:

1. It was the Goans, who went in a Delegation to Vijayanagar asking for liberation from Bijapur, who sought urgently the aid of Portugal to liberate Goa.

2. The relationship between Goans and Portuguese were cordial and affectionate.

3. A small minority of Caste Hindus objected to Christian evangelisation, which began under Portuguese auspices, and stirred up a climate of anti-Christian hysteria, terrorizing and intimidating neophytes to revert to paganism, and indulging in sedition. It was this miniscule minority that was expelled, for obvious reasons.

4. That this expulsion affected only a very miniscule proportion of the Goan population, is proven by the fact that shortly thereafter, some of these expellees came back to Goa to recruit emigrants to colonize and farm the Kingdom of Bednore's forests, on the King's express command. It there had been a population problem, the Portuguese would have striven to prevent this seepage of population, that would have rendered Goa economically barren. On the contrary, the Portuguese did not see this emigration as a threat, but as a welcome opportunity to expand its influence into Bednore — and as an opportunity to reduce the population burden in Goa!
5. The genuineness and integrity of the Goan converts was proven by the Goan emigrants in Bednore, who though now free of Portuguese "compulsion" did not abandon Christianity, except for a few individual renegades who apostasized because they took to themselves pagan concubines.

6. On the contrary, Christian missionaries, not only Europeans, but also Goans, followed the first wave of Goan emigrants, the expellees and made numerous converts even from among them and the local Hindus, Jains and Muslims in Bednore and in the Malabar! These facts are beyond controversy!

7. The emigrants were reinforced by two latter waves of migrants, fleeing the invasions and anti-Christian depredations, respectively, of Shivaji and of Sambaji Bonsale...

Perhaps the most important thing that escapes mention is a detailed investigation into Nehru's motives for seeking to invade and occupy Goa. We have seen recently how the Hindus' campaign of 'irredentism' of religious places resulted in the destruction of the Babri Mosque. Nehru, it is said, was unlike the protagonists of this demolition, a 'liberal.' Yet, in fact, the motive is the same!

Nehru and the Indians hated and hate Goa — Christian Goa, where the majority community, the Christians, were assimilated culturally and religiously to Portugal and Christ, and sought to destroy it because it jarred on India's projection of Hindu superiority, and because, like the destroyers of the Babri Mosque, Nehru too wished to do away with this symbol that 'denigrated' Hinduism and Hindus...

Thus, Nehru was striking, not so much at Goans as such, at least directly, but he was striking out at the spiritual and cultural legacy of Vasco da Gama and the two great, noble and illustrious founders of Goa: St. Francis Xavier and Afonso de Albuquerque.

It is exactly precise to describe Albuquerque and Xavier as the moral and spiritual fathers of the Goan nation! We owe these two moral giants everything that we cherish and hold precious as Goan, as constituting the Goan identity!

On the contrary, the Hindus despice both Xavier and Albuquerque as vile persecutors and destroyers of the satanic and misanthropic Satanic Hindu Raj that obtained in Goa before their advent.

Xavier and Albuquerque, from their perspective, where the perpetrators; Christian Goa, the product of their efforts, an insufferable affront that had to be eliminated...

Thus, Goa was Nehru's Babri. The destroyers of Babri have a worthy champion and prototype — Nehru! Goans tend to overlook this fundamental aspect of the Rape of Goa.

None of the speakers at the Paris Conference nor the GFM mention some immensely important and material facts. As a result, they were challenged and they were not able to reply.

These, I believe, are the true reasons why the GFM failed and became defunct. The GFM did not have a clue of what it was up against, the new forces sweeping the world. It was grandly swept away, just as Portugal was grandly swept away.

If we, on the contrary, are to succeed, then we need to correct these fundamental ideological mistakes...

The first and most important error of the GFM and its members was their misunderstanding of the position by which they could claim a locus standi to be interested and to claim an interest in the affairs of Goa.

The Basic Premise of the EIP National Resistance is that the EIP remains as it were - that its Constitution has not changed due to

1. the occupation,
2. the Portuguese "Revolution" or
3. the "Indo-Portuguese Treaty" of Soares-Chavan.

Therefore, the EIP remains under the same laws as before. The first result of this is that all those who were recognized by EIP constitutional law as EIP constituents or citizens, even those resident or born etc overseas or extraterritorially, are recognized and continue to remain and retain their status and rights as EIP citizens.

Even Dom Mirabeau, the GFM's president, mentions the Indians stressing this point or claim, which is a mere pretension without basis in EIP law: the contention that only Goans on the spot, i.e., only those actually resident in Goa had a right to be interested or to claim an interest, etc.

Dom Mirabeau recounts: Dinesh Singh, the Secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India said the following:

He once again stressed that Goa was a matter primarily for the people of Goa on the spot and the Government of India to be concerned with and the Goans in East Africa would be best advised to stay clear of such affairs."

This false, Indian, contention is contrary to Goan law and is actually a projection of Indian law, which admittedly does not apply, no more than Bolivian law, in Goa!

And it is precisely this false understanding that is nowadays frequently repeated by even Goans!

This is the point on which the GFM was challenged by the pro-Indian states at the UN, when Goan delegates went there to protest the inaction against India, and demand the application of the relevant UN resolutions. They were told point-blank that they had no locus standi as they were not Goan citizens, but were citizens of Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, etc.

The GFM delegates failed to reply to and refute this point. That was a fatal mistake. Yet, when perusing the deliberations of the GFM's Paris conference, one quickly learns, to one's dismay, that these Goans had actually missed this most essential of points and laboured under a confusion as to their exact rights and standing in the matter! This, at least, is my understanding of the texts.

It is evident that, without expressly stating it, the Paris Conference deliberately refrained from instituting a Provisional Resistance Government of Goa, precisely because they thought that that should be the sole prerogative of the Goans in Goa!

Turning to the 2nd. GFM book, Goan Petitioners In The UN, on page 19, we see Achkar Marof, of the Republic of Guinea, the pro-Indian Union Chairman of the 4th. Committee, reply to Dom Leo de Sousa:
The Chairman (Achkar Marof) pointed out that the petitioner had been heard as a citizen of Pakistan. He could not therefore claim to possess Goan citizenship, and he should refrain from mentioning Territories not on the list sent to him.

Dom Leo de Sousa, in his reply to Marof stated:
What he had said was that he was "of Goan origin." He had been born at Karachi and was proud to be a citizen of Pakistan.

Dom Leo is wrong. This is/was the fatal mistake, the fatal error that undermined the GFM initiative.

We have the right to be involved, not merely because of some nostalgic ties with Goa, although that too would be valid, but because more importantly, we are actually CITIZENS OF GOA even if we reside elsewhere, and even if we also hold citizenship subsequently of other States — the Indian Union, Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, etc., and because we continue and remain CITIZENS OF GOA until we expressly renounce it in accordance with EIP law!

India is an artificial "nation" fabricated mainly by the Hindus of the old British India Empire in 1947. It was a covenant among the Hindus to set up a new, fabricated "nation". Therefore, it could not bind those who had not joined the covenanteers. Specifically, it could not make any moral claim of irredentism over the EIP as the people of the EIP were never party to this covenant!

Mr. Jha claimed that Goa was a COLONIAL Question. It was NOTHING of the sort. Goa was never a COLONY, no more than India was a colony, whether of the ENGLISH, the PORTUGUESE or the MARTIANS.

But even more precisely, Goa had not been taken by the Portuguese, in whatever manner, from the Indians. The state, the Sultanate of Bijapur, from whom the Portuguese liberated Goa at the urgent and pressing request of the Goans themselves, cannot in any way be projected as a predecessor state of the Indian Union!

I always stress the fact that modern language is erroneous when it speaks of "Colonialism". This term is a misnomer. And tolerating this misnomer has fatal results - such as India’s RAPE of Goa, which is enslavement and true Colonialism!

The mistake over "Colonialism" has historical reasons rooted in English history. England established colonies in North America, which broke away to form the United States. The administrative affairs of these colonies were handled by what was designated as the "Colonial Offices" of the English Government. When, instead of these colonies, England began to seize or gain otherwise territories here and there worldwide, they were now handled by the same "Colonial Office" - which name was carried on, although they were no longer actually administrating Colonies per se, but merely and factually imperial dependencies.

India was never a "British" colony, nor an English one — rather it was an English dependency. Goa was, likewise never a Portuguese colony, but merely a dependency. Of course, Brazil was a Portuguese colony.

It is no one's contention, I believe, that in the Indian Union, as in the former English colonies of the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Anglo-Canada, the dominant and majority social group is descended from English immigrants / colonists. (Perhaps, the Anglophile Nehru may have been secretly obsessed with some such delusion — of an illicit English ancestry — but it cannot have any basis in legal fact — and certainly not for the vast majority of the socially dominant classes of modern India!)

It is no one's contention, I believe, that in Goa, as in the former Portuguese colonies of Brazil, the dominant and majority social group is descended from Portuguese immigrants / colonists.

By his Blockade of Goa, 1954-1961, intended to blackmail and terrorize the Goans into submitting to be slaves of India, Nehru and the Indian Union demonstrated that they were fully capable of an efficient, ruthless control of the traffic of people between Goa and India. Yet, when it came to the "Satyagrahis" expressly motivated by India with a false, fabricated "Hindu, Indian/Bharati irredentism," the Indian government claimed that it was not able to stop these criminals from trespassing into Goa in their campaign to terrorise and intimidate Goans into sedition!

It is necessary to understand exactly the international background situation that led to and facilitated the Rape of Goa:

Particular countries of the world, including India, specifically committed mischief, with the assent of the majority of UN members states and made it official UN policy to interfere unjustly and without justification or warrant in the internal affairs of particular states such as Portugal with the specific intention of bringing about their dismemberment. The particular UN Resolutions 1514, 1541 & 1542 were designed towards this end.

The basic presumption of the people who moved such measures is that it is only the White Man who has sinned and perpetrated Imperialism and Colonialism: These (Imperialism and Colonialism) are purely European phenomena!

I found it particularly pathetic how the GFM and its members allowed themselves to be deluded as to the true nature of the UN and hypnotized themselves that the UN was the one true, great white hope. Then, in contrast their shabby treatment by the UN hypocrites... as reflected in the second GFM book, Goan Petitioners In The UN... It makes my blood boil!

The only exception to the GFM's blindness is Romeo da Silva, who makes the astute observation of the bad faith of the UN:
"Irrespective of the deliberation of the UNO, a body which seems rapidly to become a reservoir of ineptitude, sanctimony and humbug, it scarcely needs to be said that our right to self-determination does not derive from any government or institution. It is our birthright, our inalienable birthright."

(Emphasis added).

The scientific study of the organisation of mankind into nationalities by birth, as against political allegiances, is called Ethnology; a branch of Anthropology. From the ethnological viewpoint, mankind constitute far more than a mere hundred or even two hundred nations... The real figure is between 5,000 to 20,000.

Any sane man will admit that if it is to be posited and claimed that every such nation should have the right to self-determination, applying the principles of the UN Resolutions in their spirit, then the world would be fractured into a bewildering nightmare of an immense multitude of independent, sovereign polities.

Yet, if we are to take the principles of the UN Resolutions in a honest spirit, then that is exactly what must need happen! From the logical viewpoint, it is unreasonable that people should claim a right to secede and constitute themselves a separate state merely because they consitute a distinct nationality.

Thus, the UN principles, constituting as they do, a rejection and negation of these ancient, tested, well thought out and well founded principles, constitute a regression into barbarism and chaos, anti-civilization!

These UN "Resolutions" do not, in fact, reflect morality but actually reflect and promote hypocrisy. They interfere and seek to dismember integral, albeit territorially non-contiguous states, fused into integral peoples over centuries. Conversely, and illogically, they fail to address the issue as to rights of people in colonies contiguous to the colonial homeland.

There is no moral reason why the right to self-determination, that the UN imposed against the wishes of the Portuguese Commonwealth on its member territories of Angola, Mocambique, etc., should not apply to the Buryat Mongols, the Tuvans, the Shakas — an ancient race in Yakutia, the Nenets, the Aleuts, the Navajos, Sioux or Seminoles, etc.

Rather, as a matter of fact, there is a more urgent need to extend this right to these unfortunate, victimised peoples rather than to those upon whom the UN maliciously and gratuitiously, without just cause, imposed!

From yet another viewpoint, the UN's position is definitely hypocritical, immoral and militantly misanthropic. The territories of India, Angola, Mocambique, etc., were collected by foreign powers and politically integrated, for administrative convenience, into single units. However, the anthropological realities are something else.

In many cases, ethnic groups are divided by the frontiers of these artificial states into two or more different political allegiances.

What is this if not outright hypocrisy? But it is more than hypocrisy — it is sedition. It is intolerable that the UN should actively and openly seek to subvert the loyalties of peoples upon patently false bases and to dismember states.

Pointedly, let us recall that when Portugal refused to play patsy with the hypocrites who run the UN, the UN venomously and poisonously acted unilaterally, with India being one of the main instigators, to list the overseas provinces of the Portuguese Commonwealth as "Colonies" and to insist on their "right" to secession...

It is this venomous, poisonous cultivation of sedition without moral basis or provocating cause, based on nothing more than sheer and unadulterated hypocrisy, that caused so much of unnecessary bloodshed.

Let us not forget, even more pointedly, that without these shenanigans by the UN, this duplicity, this unmitigated hypocrisy and sedition, India would not have been given the license by the UN to invade and bludgeon Goa into slavery.

That is, the invasion happened, NOT despite the UN, but precisely BECAUSE of the UN. Even more pointedly, it is the UN more than India which has committed wrong, terrorism and genocide against us.

Many Goan patriots have failed to recognize this diabolical fact. They, therefore, ignorantly seek the intervention of the UN in Goa, to act as honest broker, to take over the interim administration and to prepare Goa for its tryst with destiny.

I want none of it. The UN is the principal criminal in the Rape of Goa.

I am convinced that the UN was aware of the Indian Union's plans regarding Goa and not only connived, but also conspired and abetted the Indian Union. But even otherwise, when we turn to the actions and behaviour of the UN after the Rape of Goa, we see it betray is malice and misanthropy.

The draft Resolution moved to condemn the Indian Union and demand the restoration of the status quo ante was vetoed by the Soviet Union. Yet, in addition to this, the UN betrayed where its sympathies lay by 'delisting' Goa from the list of territories that it had maliciously drawn up, insisting that the peoples of these territories be given freedom.

Suddenly, Goa did not figure! Suddenly, Goa no longer needed this freedom! And, pray why this sudden change? The Republic of Ghana, acting as the mouthpiece of Indian and UN malice and misanthropy, supplies us the answer.

According to the records of the 4th. Committee on De-Colonisation, Mr. Yomekpe of the Republic of Ghana, said, attacking Dom Antonio da Fonseca, the General Secretary of the Goan Freedom Movement for insisting on bringing the Rape of Goa to the attention of the Committee:
Ghana... indeed found it intolerable that the Fourth Committee should be used as a forum for propaganda. The United Nations was not discussing the question of Goa. The people of that country had gained their independence by joining India. (sic!)

(Emphasis added) The Ghanians apparently enough echo the UN attitude and position on Goa.

That the UN has officially adopted this attitude is evident by the actions of the 4th. Committee, which removed "Goa and its dependencies" previously unilaterally listed as a "Non-self-governing territory" from the list of such territories subsequent to the invasion and occupation of Goa by the Indian terrorists. This was again underlined by the 4th. Committee's insulting misbehaviour with and towards the Goan Petitioners who had come to request it to act on Goa, aggravated by the African delegations' brazen hypocrisy, in broad daylight, which the UN has not thought fit to repudiate and correct. One must bear in mind, that these actions, though voted in by these African delegations, is now the official record and policy of the UN!

Secondly, the UN has taken the 1974 "treaty" between the Indian Union and the Communist brigands of Portugal on its record, among the listed international treaties, whereby these Portuguese brigands: Spinola, Mario Soares (a Goan Communist), etc., "recognized" that Goa had become an "integral" part of the Indian Union as a result of its (the Indian Union's) brigandage!

Both these actions certify that the UN is a criminal and misanthropic organisation!

I see the UN as my, as Goa's, primary, main and most dangerous and fearsome enemy. The UN exists to de-Christianize human society and to break up Christian states and to enslave Christian peoples.

Timor would not have happened without the active collaboration of the UN and of the US.

The Rape of Goa would not have happened if the UN had been honest and not hypocritical in its fundamental principles.

I am very clear in my mind on this point: The blood of many millions, besides the misery that ensued and which still ensues, in the territories of the former Portuguese Commonwealth or Novo Estado, which state was in perfect and legal succession from its predecessor states of Portugal, lies principally upon the UN, yesterday and today. The UN has to, must answer and pay for these crimes!

Crimes of Genocide, Terrorism, Sedition, Secession! Crimes of Rape!

Thus, when seen logically, and when cultivated, emotionalist blindness, which fatally puts us into the power of our enemies, is eschewed, we can see that the UN is not only far from being the Great White Hope of victim peoples, but that it is an vicious enemy of man and of God!

The UN is thus the chief perpetrator of the Rape of Goa. It and those who joined and aided and abetted the Indian Union are culpable and must pay for their mischief. We may be small, but our God is not. We can take on these big and powerful enemies and win!

It would be wrong and foolish of Goa to forget and to overlook the crucial part played in the Rape of Goa by the Africans. The deliberations of the 4th. Committee demonstrates this unprovoked malice unmistakeably, with only Liberia not being party to this crime...

It is conventional wisdom not to kick sleeping dogs. It is conventional wisdom that every worm has its day. Indeed, we do not sit and wait for our day to come. Rather, we go out and seek it actively. You, of Africa, will rue having betrayed us, having gloated upon us and our tragedy when we had done you no ill...

We, the people of Goa, are neither blind nor stupid. We have our eyes open and we see all your mischief. We note the promiscuous, adulterous relations between Africa and the Indian Union, and how Africa, with the sole exception of Liberia, cheered on India in the Rape of Goa. We see that Africa relies on Indian military might to protect it and to pull its chestnuts out of the fire:
"In June this year, the African Union held its summit in Mozambique and India was approached to provide security cover which was extended by way of deploying ships in Maputo..."
(C. Uday Bhaskar, No Longer At Sea: Smooth Sailing For Indian Navy, Times of India, Bombay, 3rd. Dec., 2003).

On behalf of the Goan patriots, I speak plainly and tell the UN and all these criminals — the great and noble Africans: Tanzania, Ghana and others who connived in and applauded and aided in the perpetuation of the Rape of Goa, instead of fulfilling the moral and legal obligation of coming to the aid and succour of an inoffensive people being victimised and brutalised in broad daylight, that we remember and that we will repay.

We will give you ample cause to recall and remember "National Reunion". We promise you: We will force-feed you "National Reunion" until you are bloated and engorged upon "National Reunion" and can have no more, and then we will stuff you with twice as much... This is our sacred promise — So help us God!

However, these contemptible subhuman vermin were not our only betrayers - they were merely the visible ones.

But, of course, besides the UN, there was the Cabal of Babylon, the not-so-secret union of anti-Christian states, led by the Protestant, Homosexual, Agnostic/Secularist and Freemasonic states of the USA and England, ably aided and abetted by their Jewish masters, Israel, and by the Antichurch, etc., which played vital, crucial roles in the Rape of Goa.

These states ensnared Portugal into the "Western Alliances" and conveniently subverted Portugal behind its back, even as they made pious and false promises, which they never did keep — or ever intend keeping, of aiding Portugal in its defence needs. Need I say more?

Nehru, it is reported by one of the speakers (Minguel de Sousa) had said,
'...even if they (the Goans) want the Portuguese, he would not tolerate this.'

This is insufferable arrogance, malice and hypocrisy.

But it is true. It is true, as I can now see it clearly enough, that the Goans had become thoroughly assimilated into Portuguese society, so that we could be truly described to have become an integral unity, one community, even though we spoke different languages!

It is true that Goans, if given a free choice, would rather prefer to maintain an integral political relationship with Portugal, as an overseas province, rather than as a cutoff, castoff "independent state or republic of Goa"!

It is precisely this why Nehru sedulously refused to permit Goa even a pretence of a free plebiscite or referendum, unlike in Hyderabad, Junagad, Manavadar or Mangrol before Goa, and in Sikkim after Goa.

It is of course typical of Nehru that he should play one of his usual jokes upon us Goans. In response to the Kenya Goans' petition, he says:
"The Government of India fails to understand your reference to a plebiscite in the context of self-determination. Democracy does not envisage that parts of an integral nation should resort to such processes. Goa, Daman and Diu are not different countries despite their past occupation by a foreign power...."

This is the same hypocrite who, after invading and occupying four independent kingdoms — the States of Hyderabad, Junagad, Manavadar and Mangrol — had so happily staged "referendums" in them, when he knew that the Hindu majorities of these Muslim ruled states were guaranteed to vote for annexation to the Indian Union!

Another thing seems to be inexplicably not discussed: Nehru’s speech of 1954, that
"Goa will be ‘liberated’ and integrated with the Indian Union".

This actually supplies the key. It was not democracy, nor even "anti-colonialism" or some mythical common ethnicity, but merely his arrogant territorial aggrandisement, augmented with a desire to avenge perceived Hindu slights.

What are these 'slights,' and who 'perpetrated' them? Albuquerque and Xavier!

Antonio da Fonseca tells us: "Thus we will achieve true liberty and the brotherhood of mankind, under God." - . But modern man, both then and now, does not want to be "under God"! They hate and abhor God! They want it under their daemons! This is a fundamental reason why God has permitted this catastrophe to overcome us!

Again, Antonio da Fonseca says: "Let us face the fact that we were challenged to a fight right from 1954. We must accept the challenge fully and with all its implications in mind. All is at stake: faith, family, property, liberty, life and above all, our native land." But the challenge was from 1947 explicitly and from and in Gandhism, implicitly, before that!

It is evident that the members of the GFM had not yet reached the point where their brainwashing had been lost: They had not yet been detoxified of Gandhism. All of them happily pay homage to Gandhi!

What they failed to realize, and which mistake we must not do, is to understand that Gandhism is based not on morality but on hypocrisy. Moreover, Gandhi is above all the apostle, more than of the pretentious Gandhian "Non-Violence" which Nehru perpetrated upon Goa, but of Anti-Christ. That is, Gandhi stands, more than anything else, for the rejection and denial of Christ and of his Gospel, of his uniqueness and centrality in the Economy of Salvation.

The Core Message of Gandhi is not his pretensious "Non-Violence" which, in fact, is a type of violence, sedition, hypocrisy and above all, a gratuituous intrusion into other people's affairs and an insistence on one's right to violate another's privacy and to inflict oneself on others; the Core Message, rather, is that Christianity (and therefore Christ) is simplistic, inadequate, inferior and pedestrian Belief Systems, in contrast to which, Coprolatric Hinduism, etc. is sophisticated, appropriate for all mankind, an infinitely superior and sublime Belief System that all men ought to adopt! Gandhianism is all about a not-so-subtle subversion and perversion of Christians and of a program to get them to contemn and abandon Christ and Christianity and to adopt instead Hinduism!

Fonseca astutely recognized this threat, pointing out that we must go deeper into the implications, and naming one affected area as being of the faith!

Let me make this one thing clear to my fellow Goans: We are Goans because Albuquerque and others took us in hand, and lovingly re-educated us, making us clones of the Portuguese. This is not something that we see as shameful but as our joy, our pride and privilege, and we are right in that, for it has improved and humanized us, when previously, under the Hindu dispensation, we were misanthropic monsters.

Therefore, it is Christianity, more than anything else that defines us. We can lose Portugal, and not die out. But if we lose our Christianity, we will not remain the same people. We will lose our essential identity.

Dom Mirabeau said:
By some we are condemned as pseudo-Europeans and by others scored as westernised Asians. Gentlemen, we are neither one nor the other. We are simply Goans or Damanenses or Diuenses, and very proud of it.

Unlike the "Westernisation" which the adherents of White Supremacy inflicted upon their victims, which was meant to underline their superiority and the inferiority of the subject peoples, Catholic peoples sought to assimiliate with respect the peoples of their conquests, following the Roman Imperial tradition.

The Portuguese did the same with the Goans. Goans were freely absorbed into Portuguese society and treated on an equal footing — something that could not be said of the Protestant Europeans who laboured under Calvinistic ideas.

Goans, even Hindu Goans, had, therefore, over the last 450 years of Union with Portugal, become thoroughly assimilated and integrated into the new society that developed by the absorption of the native peoples of the Conquests with Metropolitan Portugal. The Hindus even named their religious headquarters in Goa, the Partagali Math, a name which still persists, despite the effort to exterminate Lusitanian cultural influences!

Therefore, I will not either be ashamed or allow myself to become ashamed of being assimilated to Portugal, to Lusitanian culture. I do not apologise nor am I ashamed to be "westernised". I am, on the contrary, proud of it. I contemn those who contemn me and my people for these characteristics, as brainless philistines, lovers of paganism and of hypocrisy and ignorant of history, geography, anthropology, ethnology.

I am Portuguese, and proud of it!

It is therefore necessary for us to be stubbornly recalcitrant about the core values of our identity - Christ, Christianity, our Lusitanian culture. That necessarily involves a rejection of the malicious perversion of Christ's gospel, the rejection of Gandhi's anti-gospel!

Therefore, we reach the inevitable conclusion that we were integrated freely and peaceably into the Portuguese Commonwealth, that we were forcibly dismembered thereof, and against our express will. Therefore, what we need is not merely "self-determination", which is playing into the hands of our detractors, but unequivocally and unconditionally the restoration of the status quo ante. That is, we must be restored as an integral part of the Portuguese Commonwealth.

But of course, Portugal too has been subverted and overthrown. Therefore, following our logic, we will need to join up with the Counter-Revolution in Metropolitan Portugal and restore it before we can restore the Portuguese Commonwealth.

There is no other option before us. If we compromise on this, and constitute Goa a seperate, independent state, it will still be a victory of sorts for the malefactors of the UN and the Indian Union. This we cannot permit. This we cannot let be. Therefore, we are obliged to such a course.

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